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Diana Marie Lacaci


Diana Marie Lacaci, 34, of Fernandina Beach passed away peacefully on Wednesday, January 8, 2020.

Born in Miami, FL she was the daughter of Mario and Yamina Lacaci. Diana graduated from Fernandina Beach High School in 2003 and held a Bachelor�s degree in Psychology and a Bachelor�s degree in Nursing, both from the University of Florida. She also earned her Master�s in Health Science from Florida as well.

She worked for several years for the Veterans Administration Healthcare System in Gainesville and in Daytona Beach. Her loving spirit and caring expertise served our veterans well.

Diana always found new ways to stay active and enjoy herself. Above all of her other activities she enjoyed spending time with her family and friends. Whether it was quiet time at home, visiting Disney World or being with her brother there was nothing better for her than being with family.

While she loved being with her family, staying active and fit she considered her Christian faith to be most important.

Diana leaves behind her parents, Yamina and Mario Lacaci of Fernandina Beach; her brother Daniel and his wife, Tiffany, of Naples, FL and their children, her niece and nephews, Danny, Colton and Joy. She also leaves behind her maternal grandmother, Noemi, of Miami, FL and an Uncle, Laz, also of Miami.

On Saturday, January 11, 2020 at 12:00 PM the family will begin receiving friends at the Burgess Chapel of Oxley-Heard Funeral Directors. Then at 1:00 PM, a celebration of life service will begin.


MIMI January 9, 2020
Diana was the strongest friend I ever knew. She had a beautiful soul and never complained about anything or anyone. I loved all our talks and how much she loved her family and all the fun times they had. She was blessed and her memory will never be forgotten.

CARL & BARBARA January 10, 2020
Yamina and Mario, We, Barb and I are so sorry for your loss. We are praying with you and your family for comfort and understanding. Our love goes out with comfort to you and your families.

DAN BARROWS January 23, 2020
P-1 I am so, so, sorry for such a Great Loss as this, to your whole family. I knew not of Diana Marie, but I have and do know of her Dad, Mario. He is a man of Great Compassion and Understanding of others feelings and welfare. It appears, that his daughter had these Qualities also. This post is a little late in time, but I just saw on Facebook, that yesterday was Diana Marie�s 35th Birthday. How terribly tragic to lose a child. My heart aches for Mario and his family. We expect and accept that our parents will pass over to the other side before us, but not our Children. I know of more than a few people who have lost their children, and not one day goes by, that they don�t think of them. It doesn�t seem to be that way for our parents, except maybe in the first year and all of the Holidays and special occasions we celebrate.

DAN BARROWS January 23, 2020
P-2 Diana Marie�s Daddy and another man saved my life back in 2005, and I shall always be grateful to Mario for giving me Hope, Love, and Faith. If it hadn�t been for Diana Marie�s Daddy, I am quite sure, I wouldn�t be writing this at this moment in Time. May the GOD of my understanding, who lost His Child for a while, Bless You and All of Yours in the coming Days, Months, and Years, and give you the Hope, Love and Faith You need in the future. I have Faith that the Love given to us, will reunite us with Our Loved Ones, and this gives us Hope. Hope; saved my Life Mario, and it keeps us from giving up. Throw in a little Faith and some long suffering Love; and we shall survive.

JENN (TWINSIE) February 5, 2020
I�m so sorry for the families loss. I miss her and I�m lost without her already, she always had answers, advice or just plain love to share with me. She found me in a support group of thousands, because our names and stories were so alike. We met in person once and her aura just exuded peace and joy. I can�t count how many times we wished we lived closer together. I can�t wait to meet back up in Heaven with healthy bodies and act like an animal ? photos. Twinsies for eternity ????

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