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Muniba's family

Dear Scott: We are so sad that you are no longer with us. You were kind, smart, talented, hardworking, funny - but most important of all, you were a good person and good husband to Muniba. There was almost no mechanical problem that you could not fix, no home improvement project that you were not eager to tackle, no crossword puzzle that you were not able to solve, no animal nor human being that you would not help. We remember our get-togethers with you and Muniba, good times filled with fun and laughter, and good food. Lasagna was your favorite, so we always made sure to make some for you. We enjoyed our small trips with the two of you. There was no part of town or landmark that you did not know history behind. You enjoyed telling us stories and fun facts about the places we visited as if you were a professional tour guide. You knew so much about everything. We cherish the memories we have of you. We miss you.


My condolences to your family. I thought I would have time to know you better.

Friends of Family

This is so sad for this family..there will never be closure for any member....We pray for all of you.

Debra Rohrsen

Sweet Dreams my brother,may you have peace

Jack McCabe

My Dear Nephew,My heart hurts for this are now free may God guide you & keep you close..My love goes out to his wife& to my neice Debra...God Loves you All

Cynthia Roth

I am saddened to hear of this loss...we came ro met the McCabe's in York ,Pa we were neighbors,Scott'd sister Debra babysat our children there.Scott was such a happy boy& loved the outside,especially mototcross...boy what he could do.My family & I send condolences to his wife,children& his sister...May God hold you all tight

Mitchell Couch

As I write this tribute to one of my truest friends, I’m numb with emotion. We became fast friends after meeting at Gilman Paper Co. in the mid 80’s. You never met a stranger and always had us in tears with your crazy antics. We rode motorcross bikes together, mountain bikes all over Fernandina and spent many days hanging with our buds at the beach. I would not have met my beautiful wife Monica had it not been for Scott. He had visited a jewelry store in Jacksonville and my future bride helped him make a selection. He found out that she was new to Jacksonville and encouraged me to go ask her out for a date. I finally got my courage up and with my buddy Mark Vasquez in tow, I drove to Jacksonville, found the store where she worked, introduced myself and asked her out to dinner. The rest is history. We have raised a beautiful daughter together named Madison. She is the light of our lives. All this would never have came to pass without Scott. I’m forever grateful to you my friend. Your advice changed my life for the better in so many ways. Our paths drifted away occasionally through the years but when we reconnected, it was like we hadn’t missed a day without checking on each other. Monica and I would like to offer our true heart felt condolences to Muniba. Brook and Kelly are also in our prayers. It is with a heavy heart that I say Rest In Peace my friend. We shall meet again some day.

Mark Vasquez

Our heart is heavy in hearing of Scott’s passing. He was a lifelong friend. We had many good times together during our days at Gilman Paper Company. My wife and I would like to send our heartfelt condolences to his family and will have them in our prayers. RIP my friend.

Robert Scott McCabe


In Loving Memory: Robert Scott McCabe (05/31/1962-11/23/2021)

I dreamed that you were gone. I dreamed that you were on a journey. You kissed me, smiled, and said i will see you again. Not now. One Day! I reached out on your side of pillow and realized you were no longer by myside with me. This was not a dream and tears took over me. I kept telling self it was a dream but reality is to be. I heard a place you went-Heaven "wrapped in cloud...eternal home, perfect environment for everlasting life, love, joy, and learning..." I dreamed that you left and found final rest. It was just a dream and I kept wishing.

I wanted to say my Dear Scott again, again, and again -you were beautiful person God wishes us all to be. You were great husband. I felt your love for children every time when you spoke of them. Your face was glowing, so much love was felt in your voice every time when you mentioned Kelly and Brook, Memories were stamped.

Thank you for loving me the way I never felt that kind of love before. Thank you for seeing good in people even if goodness wasn't there. Thank you for always looking on bright side, not worrying about getting hurt. Thank you for your kind heart. Your love and caring for people was real. You had so many friends, especially in motocross world, who enjoyed real Scott: joker/funny guy, always smiling, landing hand any time of the day. Thank you for your love and passion for animals. I have never seen you crying so much until losing our four-legged family members.

You had a great heart. TOO FRAGILE for this world!
I dreamed my Love that you left forever. I reached to you and realized it was not a dream.
I heard in this new place-Heaven you can play music as loud as you want. So i hope you see your favorite bands.
Also, i heard jumps are so high and if you fall from motorcycle no hurt and pain is to gain. Go for it "YAMAHA #62."

You are my forever. I will see you again. One day!
Go to sleep my Love. No more bad dreams.
My love forever. Your truly forever, wife Muniba McCabe

In lieu of flowers, please consider donating in his name to Cats Angels Inc. 709 South 8th Street Fernandina Beach, FL 32034


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