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Milan Bruin

Milan Bruin

57582 Brouwer park

0230 Johannes laan

Milan Bruin

Milan Bruin

57582 Brouwer park

0230 Johannes laan

Lina Brunet

Lina Brunet

7934 Lambert des Grands Augustins

032 Carre Saint-Dominique

Lina Brunet

Lina Brunet

7934 Lambert des Grands Augustins

032 Carre Saint-Dominique

Anne Berglund

My sincere condolences on the loss of your precious son. I didn’t know Gage however I know the heartbreak of losing a son. Praying for peace and comfort for your family.

Mary Maxwell

I don't actually remember when I met Gage, I asked my son who is the pretty boy,he is so cute. The next thing I can remember is that Gage and Tyler are totally best friends with my son "Talon" I was so thankful that Talon had some actual great friends!! Honest and true friendship, my son needed that. Getting to know Gage ( my pretty boy) was fabulous, and I was presently surprised how very smart he was. The boys frequented my garage, their den, and they would all be on their phones and I would walk out occasionally and ask, are you all going to talk to each other or just be on your phones? They would answer we are talking??Okay?Gage was always interested in what everyone was interested in? Wanted to talk or debate certain issues. I thought that it was just a thing he did to get people talking, but no, he would have long talks about whatever the topic was at the time. I remember when I needed to be out of town and I trusted them so much to give them a key to my house to make sure my dog was fed and let out to do his business. So entrusted my home and my dog in their capable hands. I never had an issue I trusted them that much!! Then they said they wanted to join the Marines, I was taken back, asking if they were sure. They were determined, so that's when I called them my Marine Boys, always knew they were bound together. I will always appreciate the friendship my son has with Gage!! I will miss Gage ever so much, he was so kind, so nice and helpful and funny and fun 😊. Every time I think of him it's with a great smile on my face. God must have needed him like right now, most likely because he was a very special good person!! We all will miss Gage so very much!!! I personally wish he would have been amongst us longer!!Talon and I ( Mary) loved having Gage as a friend and confident!! We will miss him so very much ( more than words can say )!Much love and prayers for the family!!! What a beautiful boy !! He is one of a kind!!! Prayers 🙏 and love to the family 🙏🙏🙏

Lithal Asoullina - FSCJ Student Government

On behalf of our Student Government Association at FSCJ Deerwood Center, we would like to extend our deepest condolences on the untimely passing of your son. We are saddened that we were not able to further get to know Thomas as it is apparent he was a genuine person who was loved by many. We will keep his friends and family in prayer during this difficult time.

Tracy Mecom

I met Gage working with him at Target over the past two years. He was always such a kind and polite young man. I am deeply saddened to learn of his untimely passing and my heart is with his family and loved ones as you navigate this. He will not be forgotten and I am thankful I had the chance to know him.

Zavia Jenkins

I remember Gage’s bright spirit from second grade until we graduated. While we weren’t close, I will always appreciate his love for Star Wars and his passion for sharing his knowledge with me and others. I also appreciate his kindness and his sharing of joy and laughter through the years. It truly was a blessing to go through schooling with him never too far. I’m sending my condolences, love and prayers to the family and friends. May God bless and keep you, and may Gage rest peacefully in the heavenly arms of the Lord.

Hannah Walker

I knew Gage from work. He was always very sweet, and a funny person. One day recently I believe it was a week ago, he made me laugh at work when the weather wasn’t the best and it was slow at work. He would always ask me how I was passing each other by, which always made me smile because of his sweet and caring soul, and I’m really going to miss that, and I’m really going to miss seeing him at work, of course. He was such a great guy. I’m so glad he knew the Lord, and was a Christian, so I’ll see him in Heaven one day with Jesus. My condolences and prayers for his family and friends.

Anna Jones

I met Gage while working at Target, and while I didn’t know him extremely well, I could always tell that he was a very kind, funny, and helpful person. I send my utmost condolences to his family and friends.

Landon Duggan

Gage and I met while at work. He was one of the kindest souls I've ever known. He always shared so many random facts of the day. We always shared a laugh passing each other by everyday. Let our pain and tears be a testament to everyone he cared for and have shared memories with. Gage was a respectable, passionate man and will be missed dearly. I send my prayers and love to everyone who had the opportunity and privilege of knowing such a wonderful man. Until we see each other again my friend, may you spend the rest of your days full of grace. Thank you for serving not only our country but our beloved God. This is not a goodbye. Godspeed and I believe I will see you again one day my brother.

Sydney Wilcoxon

Gage was the sweetest most purist’s soul i’ve ever met. He always knew how to make you laugh even if you were having a bad day. Gage and I met through work back in 2019. We ended up becoming close friends inside and outside of work. My favorite memories were made inside of that work place along side one of his bestfriends Talon Maxwell. We all created some fun times there and i’m beyond grateful for having the chance of getting to know such a wonderful young man. I miss the times we would go to the beach just to burn for less than an hour and we both say we’re hungry. The times we stayed up late talking for hours. The fun car rides around town just listening to music. Especially all the times we tried to go put put and it started raining and he would always say we need to reschedule our put put. To always texting or calling to check in or just to talk because he was one that cared. My heart goes out to everyone feeling this void in you heart now that our friend/loved one is gone. Especially to Gage’s family, i’m sorry for your loss. May our memories of him carry us on and may he RIP. You will always be loved.

Angela Duggan

I was blessed to have gotten to know Gage at work. He always had a smile and a silly wave . My interactions with him are fun, as him and i were the ones to empty the white monsters from the coolers, he would come up and have me check him out at the guest service, so he could let me know he got the last one. Then he coome up on another day to let me know they refilled them , sonwe wouldnt have oto out buy eachother. He always had a smile, he was so kind and respectful. You could just tell he has such a beautiful soul. Im so happy he knows the lord, abd he is safe and happy. Till we meet again . You will be missed. Your smile and your fun loving attitude will be so missed.

Katlin Johnson

Gage and I used to sit in our friend’s garage laughing and playing games and talking till late at night. He especially liked to play this game where he would be something and we would have to guess what he was. Gage had a way or bringing a group together and making them feel special and included. Gage was hilarious and would debate anything if given the chance. Gage made the best out of bad situations and was unconditionally there for his friends. I remember him talking about how excited he was that he was getting his dad to listen to the same kind of music as him and how much he loved his family. My love goes out to Gage’s family.

Christian Highfill

Gage was someone I could always confide in. He always was kind and a joy to be around. Hurts me to see him go but I know he is in a better place. Will miss all stories and jokes we had. My condolences to his family.

Julie Hughes

Words can't describe The heart felt sorrow I feel for this family . Prayers for all.

Grandma alias Woody from Toy Story

Gage was my first grandchild and I had no idea the love, joy and happiness he would bring us. As a toddler when he ran into my arms I would thank God for him a million times before reaching them. As we grew our imagination grew to me becoming Woody and him Buzz. Oh the fun we had hiding from Zug and blasting him with our lazor beams hidden in our wrist. We always won the battle. I often told my grandchildren when I got to heaven I would have a bunch of cloud pies waiting to bombard them as they walked through the gates of heaven. After meeting Jesus we would run the streets of gold and play hide n seek in the river of life but my Gage beat me to it. Listen up Buzz, have those pies ready Grandma will soon be headed your way. I haven't just started missing my Buzz, I missed him ever time he left my driveway.

Andrew Coleman

Gage was a great guy, one of the nicest people in our 2016 class. Prayers up!

Nicole Collins

I remember growing up with Gage all the way from Yulee Primary to Yulee High. We were never particularly close, but we knew each other. We road the same bus and had some of the same classes and friends. You were always so sweet and nice to everyone you met. I know that stayed true after we graduated that’s just the type of person you were. My thoughts and prayers are with your family as they make their way through this difficult time.

Nicole Collins

Kim Willis and Tim Grimsley

I remember the first time I met Gage, he told me everything I had forgotten about how much I loved Star Wars! And our first jaunt to Global Youth Camp...I will not forget his biblical knowledge, great stories, the way he loved his friends and family...he was an amazing young man and he will be sorely missed! We have been and will continue to keep friends and family in prayer🙏

Candy Mohler

Sharon and family, my heart is broken for you guys. I remember all those years of Gage from elementary days to high school. What a wonderful young man. I am praying for strength and peace for all of you from the Great Comforter himself.

Ellen Wiggins

Gage was always a sweet young man and very well mannered. I had hi During his years at Yulee Elementary. I never had to say anything to him about his behavior. My deepest sympathies to his family.

Nicholas Avery

Me and Skipper did a deployment together and he was always able to keep the mood light with some funny stories. My condolences to his family he was a good guy and will be sorely missed

Marissa Giordano

Gage was a great friend of mine throughout high school. We had many classes together and would often pair up and work together on projects and homework. In Spanish, we had to make a video where we only spoke Spanish and I had to keep feeding him his lines because he couldn’t remember them. In Algebra, I used to help him with his classwork, and by help I mean keep reminding him to do the classwork because he would get easily distracted. He was very funny, always made me smile and laugh so hard my belly hurt. I’ll never forget how sweet and kind he was to me. Holding my hand when I got scared on the roller coasters he made me ride with him at the county fair, giving me his jacket every time I was cold (even though he would make fun of me, calling me a chihuahua because I shivered so much). He used to leave notes in my locker for me to find in between classes. Funny drawings, jokes, or just telling me to have a good day. I am and will continue to pray for him and his family. May God give you strength, peace, and comfort during this difficult time.

Thomas Holder

Gage was a great friend and incredibly knowledgeable when it came to his interests. I wish the family well, and will miss my friend

Tyler P

I served with Skipper in 2/6 Fox Co. He was good guy. Never saw him in a bad mood. He was very intelligent, very kind, always trying to make the best of everything. Amazing guy, he’ll be dearly missed. Praying for him and the family.

2/6 Fox Mortars

My Platoon served with him on the 26th MEU. Skipper was very smart and reserved, he kept a cool head. I remember him staying up late on the ship underway and telling me and the boys about Star Wars and science and I specifically remember how much he would talk about his sister and his family. Gone too soon.

Duane & Nena Meeks

So sorry ,for your loss of your amazing son.Our thoughts and prayers are with your family.

Carin Litchfield

Thank you for your service to the United States of America. You will continue to love and protect your family from the Most High realms.

Hayley Dennis

Gage was always a kind soul. I remember how nice he was when I went to school with him, he was really funny and very smart. He was a joy to have on the high school swim team, I loved to see him at practice every day. He will always be remembered, and deeply missed. My condolences go out to his family. May he rest in peace.

Thomas Gage Skipper


Thomas Gage Skipper, age 25 of Yulee, Florida passed away on January 13, 2024. He was born on July 14, 1998 in Fernandina Beach, Florida to his parents, Thomas William Skipper and Sharon Bunch Skipper. He loved the Lord Jesus, and accepted Him as his savior at a very young age.
He resided in Yulee and lived the majority of his life in the Yulee/Fernandina Beach area. He was a graduate of Yulee High School, class of 2016. While working part time, he was enrolled in classes at FSCJ, working towards the completion of a degree.
Gage was known for his love and passion for conversations about politics, history and religion. He was known for his great love of reading. He was a fan of science-fiction specifically, Star Wars, of which he had great knowledge. When he was not working, studying or enjoying time with friends, he could often be found helping his maternal grandparents with yard work He had a deep love for his entire family, specifically his parent and sister.
Gage is preceded in death by his paternal grandparents; James E. Skipper, Sr., and Margaret Rowland. He is survived by his parents, Tom and Sharon Skipper, his sister, Grace Skipper, his maternal grandparents, Dennis and Sarah Wall Bunch, his paternal grandfather, Willie Earl Rowland, many aunts, uncles, cousins and friends.
Funeral services will be held at Springhill Baptist Church on Saturday, January 20, 2024 at 11:00 a.m. Visitation will be held at 10:00 a.m.
In lieu of flowers the family requests you make a donation in honor of Thomas Gage Skipper to Nassau County Animal Control.
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