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Kathy Bland

so sorry to hear of Bo Song's passing. My husband knew him thru Tony Tri talk and we always enjoyed his company. He was a substitute teacher at the high school and my boys both liked him very much. We bought his little blue truck and still have it. I am sorry for your loss.

Bo Song Chung


Born on October 16, 1925, in Canton, China to Chung Li Sing and Hing Mun Lan, Bo Song Chung, Sr. grew up in Fernandina Beach, Florida and graduated from Fernandina Beach High School in 1943.

Bo Song joined the U.S. Navy during WWII when he was 17 years old. He was a Radioman, and because he was deployed during high school graduation, a graduation ceremony was held for him on the dock of his ship.

He attended Florida State University after the Navy and graduated with a degree in Public Administration. He met Teresa Lee Estrada in Mexico City and married in 1957.

Bo Song was an intellectual forever seeking knowledge, and he attended university wherever he went: Shanghai University, Washington State University where he received another bachelor’s degree in Education, and the University of Northern Colorado for his Master’s Degree in Education, where he also went on to work towards his PhD in Economics.

Bo Song worked as a middle and high school teacher for the Denver Public Schools.

Bo Song enjoyed gardening, building and fixing things around the house, and traveling. He would plan a family vacation every summer to Mexico, San Francisco, Florida, and any national park he could find. He had a good sense of humor, would make vacation fun, and kept his family laughing with the special “dance moves” he performed while driving down the highway. He also loved a good bargain and would go to great lengths to find the best price like constantly seeking out the gas station that was a penny a gallon cheaper.

Bo Song also enjoyed cooking dinner for his family, he loved fishing, and after retirement he dedicated his life to writing his memoirs in a book that he completed.

Bo Song leaves behind his former wife, Teresa Lee Chung, his second wife Pauline Chung; and his four children Siu-Ling Chung, Chino Scott-Chung, AnnaJade Chung-Goltermann, and Bo Song Chung, Jr.

Bo Song died peacefully in his sleep on April 29, 2022, in the place he loved the most and called home, Fernandina Beach, Florida. He (and his family) found peace and forgiveness in the end when we gathered and he told each one of us how much he loved us, and how the most important thing to him was that we were living well and taken care of.

Funeral services will be held graveside at the Bosque Bello Cemetery at 1321 North 14th Street at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday August 6, 2022.

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