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Tom pieratti

2/11/2024: another year has passed and another year I didn’t get to your voice on my birthday. I miss you bro. One day we will unite. Valhalla

Tom Pieratti

Love you and miss you more than you know, brother. You are always in my thoughts and will forever be in my heart. Until Valhalla! Si vis pacem, para bellum

Tom Pieratti

Not a day goes by that I don’t think about you. I’ve had so many things that I wanted your opinion on but realized I couldn’t get them. I miss the talks we had, the advice we shared, the arguments, and the love we shared. You will always be my big brother and the guy I could get direct answers from. I miss you, brother. One day we will see each other again. Until then, I love you

Thomas Pieratti

Love you, brother. You are always on my mind.

Thomas Pieratti

Many anniversaries passed…I celebrated and I cried. You left me way too early buddy. I’m mad, I’m sad, I cry, I scream. I miss you brother. Hold down the fort until we reunite. Miss you my friend, my big brother…Valhalla

Tom Pieratti

A year has gone by and everything seems like it was yesterday. I miss you every day and only make do knowing that you are up Ava I’ve and looking over our family. It wasn’t easy that morning and it hasn’t gotten easier today. I’ll always love you, brother. I miss you every day. Valhalla will come someday and we will be together again. Love you Danny. Your brother, Thomas

Tom Pieratti

Miss you on this Christmas Day. Things aren’t the same without being able to call and talk. While it wasn’t everyday, we always enjoyed our chats. Until Valhalla! Love you brother

Tom Pieratti

As always, thinking of you today. Miss you brother. This happened way too early. Love you

Tom Pieratti

Each day goes by and new things pop up. I have come to appreciate the things you dealt with when it came to our family. I spent a lot of time away and you handled or dealt with the things that I was able to escape from. You are a cornerstone to who WE are as a family. I miss you brother. It all ended way to early and I want you to know I love you and am so proud of you. You are my ride till we die. Love you homie!

Tom Pieratti

Sitting here thinking about you bud. Love you

Tom Pieratti

We always believed that together we could be unstoppable…and we were. Losing you has a left a void that I fight every day. We didn’t always see eye to eye but we would always be there for each other. We ARE family and nothing ever stood between us besides our own egos. I laugh time to time about our petty arguments and silence on the net. I miss you homie and I hope you are scheming on the next big thing. Until Valhalla and when we do the next big thing. Love you, bro


My Dear Danny, I miss you more than I can explain. The hole that is in my soul aches for you! I would sell my soul to have you back. Nothing is right without you here. I love you beyond measure and miss you with everything I am.

Thomas Pieratti

Just thinking about you. You are sorely missed, homie. Just wish I could hear your voice and listen to what you have going on. You drove me crazy but I always loved you. Rest easy and see you in the flip side

Thomas Pieratti

Woke up this morning and went to call you. Old habits die hard I guess. I wanted to wish you a happy Father’s Day and tell you I love you. Keep watching over us and know that you are missed by the boys and I. T4 loves you and we think about you always. Until Valhalla my brother.

Your brother

Danny, Everyday is a new day and another day without you. We had our differences but we’re thick as thieves. Today is hard. I don’t know why. Just wanted to say I love you and miss you with all my heart. You were always there for me and I for you. I need you bro

Melinda E. Hughes

Daniel, in 10 short days, we will have lived without you here for 3 solid months. We are still lost, still completely heartbroken, still in disbelief and worst of all, two of these boys are struggling, severely!! Tons of tears being shed on a daily, several phone calls to your cell because they want to hear your voice, your YouTube videos are on repeat You have no idea what it feels like down here without your presence, we don’t like it at all, we just want you back here with the family. It doesn’t feel like we can survive without P Pa! 💔😭💔

Thomas Pieratti

Miss you brother. The days never get easier…

Thomas Pieratti

Danny, Your birthday came and went nf it was a sad and joyous occasion. We sent some balloons to you to celebrate and shared stories about you. It was a sad day and a happy day because we celebrated you! You were always there for me when it counted and I for you. Those days will be long gone soon but will never be forgotten. I miss you today and will miss you tomorrow. Keep watching over me and the family. Until we meet again, Semper Fidelis! Until Valhalla

Kim and mike marsh

We are so very sorry for your families loss. Danny was a very kind man and we enjoyed seeing and talking to him everytime he came into Island bbq.

Lillian Shurtleff

Will always remember him as a kind and gentle person. He was one of my students at Bradwell Institute in Hinesville

Thomas Pieratti

Miss you every day. Love you Danny. You taught me more than you know. Till Valhalla

Dan Cleaveland

I always enjoyed our friendship and the laughs we had about how we could change the world.

Emily Beloof

My thoughts and prayers go out to you, cousin, as you cross over and those you left behind. I always thought you were larger than life - a strong and sweet man. My heart goes out to your wife and children - sending love to surround a protect those you left behind. May you Rest In Peace.

Rob Pincus

It was always great to share some range time with Danny. His enthusiasm and energy were awesome… and contagious.

James Nickles

I sure thought highly of you when we were in the Academy together. I pray for your family. RIP my old friend.

Kathy Williford

Tracy, my thoughts and prayers are with you, your sons and Danny's treasured grandsons. Danny was a great friend and colleague and I will miss his advice and guidance.

Chris Rossignol

Enjoyed some good times and great conversations. Rest easy brother!

Jeff Randolph

Rest in peace Brother. Nothing but Love.

aunt Joyce & cousin Denis

Daniel:一路好走!你悄然地、無預警地歸回天家。 令我們悲愴、錯愕、傷痛、哀愁…多麼不捨你的英年早逝。 傷心中為你献上感恩、在這半世紀的年歲裡、上帝賜於你的恩典如此豐盛及美好、充滿朝氣、才幹、智慧、能力、愛心…雖然生命短暫、卻是何其精彩。 你的父母、妻子、兒孫、兄弟、親友以你為榮。 love大阿姨Joyce&表弟Denis悼念

aunt Joyce & cousin Denis

Daniel: Good way to go! You return home to heaven quietly and without warning. It makes us sad, stunned, hurt, mourned... How reluctant to die young. Gratitude is offered to you in sorrow, and in these half-centuries, God's grace to you is so abundant and beautiful, full of vitality, talent, wisdom, ability, love... Although life is short, it is so wonderful. Your parents, wives, children and grandchildren, brothers, relatives and friends are proud of you. Love's aunt Joyce & cousin Denis mourns

Melinda Etheridge-Hughes

Danny, I am literally lost for words, and to be honest, I think that I am here to see the news in black and white, a confirmation that you truly did leave this earth. I am still completely shocked by this. Why-why-why did this family have to lose you so soon? Every single one of these children are completely devastated, and utterly heartbroken, it is the saddest I will probably ever see them. I can't name one that did not believe that you were BIGGER than Daniel Boone and stronger than any super hero out there!! I honestly wish that I could make a truce with our Heavenly Father, we need you back here, even if it is only to complete everything that is still undone. These babies need one more day with you, P Pa! :( We will all miss you for the rest of our days here, but will see you on the other side! Until then, rest easy.

Thomas Pieratti

Love you brother. We have been through good times and bad times, fun times and sad times, have loved and hated each other but always knew we had each other’s backs no matter what. In the end we always stuck by each other’s sides through thick and thin. While you may not be here, I know you will still have my back and I will have yours. I love you and miss you already. Until Valhalla brother

Julie Cho

Danny: We are all very reluctant to let you go. Suddenly hearing the news of your passing, the aunts all asked with heartache, "Why?" Such a filial child walked away without leaving a single word. Yes, my heart is broken. Gary and you have immigrated to Heavenly Father's house, and we will meet in Heavenly Father's house in the near future. You are in the Father's home to protect your parents, relatives and friends. love you aunties

Ellis Davis

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and working with Danny for over 20 years off and on you couldn’t ask for a better friend I will miss you Danny

Lovett-Hall Rosalyn

Danny you will truly be missed, me joking with you about going to lunch with my husband more than I did, and you would invite me to come, and say; I got you. You had such a big heart for many, so we can all say, that you will truly be missed. Rest easy.

Jeff Obryant

What a sad day for all. You will be missed my friend forever

Jay P. McMahan

Love you bro. Rest in peace.

DJ Burling

Danny was my Best Man and Best Friend. You will be missed. Love you and I’ll see you on the other side.

Lori Burling

Wow. Where do I even start?? Danny was a great friend and “family” to us for many years. Best man in our wedding, too many things to mention. He will be so very missed and will always be loved. Give our sweet Nicole a hug in heaven.

Tim Wheeler

Danny was a personal friend of mine for over 20+ years and one of the best construction minds I ever knew. He will be sorely missed by the residential building community in NE Florida. God Bless You My Friend

Daniel "Danny" Pieratti


Daniel Alan Pieratti, 49, of Fernandina Beach, Florida passed away unexpectedly on Saturday, February 12th his home.

Danny spent over half his life in Fernandina Beach, Florida, a place he often referred to as home. He served honorably in the United States Army during the Gulf War. He was an avid shooter, fisherman, and friend to many. Danny was the Director of Land Development for Dreamfinders Homes in Jacksonville.

He was proud to continue the family legacy as a Mason and was a member of Amelia Lodge #47.

He leaves behind his wife, Tracy, who he cherished; sons, Jordan Pieratti and Justin Randolph; brother, Thomas Pieratti; sisters, Ali Pieratti and Michelle Stacy; parents, Alan Pieratti and Lily and Hubert Rutherford; nephews, Tyler Sparks and Tayden Pieratti, Richard Calabria and Robert Meany; niece, Joni David; and grandchildren, Brayden, Lucas, and Tucker Randolph. He was predeceased by his son, Gary Randolph.

Funeral services will be held Saturday, February 19, 2022 at Oxley-Heard Funeral Home, 1305 Atlantic Avenue, Fernandina Beach, FL. There will be a viewing beginning at 2PM with a service beginning at 3PM.


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