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Anita Pendell

So sorry for your loss Maggi.

Paul (Norf) Norcross

Denny, was my adopted Big Brother at Sigma Chi. Many, many fun times were had in those SU days. You will be missed my Brother. Maggi I am so sorry for your loss. Please know you will always be in my prayers. RIP my Brother.


Loved Dennis’s watches!! What a nice guy!

James F. Grosso

Denny and I pledged Sigma Chi fraternity at Syracuse in 1969. We were best friends. When his 1966 MGBGT stalled out in wet weather, I'd push his car back to the house with my Pontiac. We both lived in Dell Plain dormitory our freshman year. We even went to Mass in those days. Because his love for wine started early, he was usually still drunk at Mass. When it was time for the sign of Peace, Denny would turn to me and say loudly, "put it there, Jimmy boy" as he offered his handshake. He was always happy. We will miss him. Rest in Peace Brother.

Michael Rider

I Met Dennis freshman year at Syracuse University, we pledged Sigma Chi Fraternity together and became friends and roommates. That's when I became "The Keeper of the Leprechaun", assigned to curb some of his shenanigans. Dennis loved photography and asked to be the photographer at Marge's and my wedding. Unfortunately, after drinking all the altar wine in the Sacristy, he forgot to remove the lens cap from his trusty Nikon so we never did get wedding photos. Fosters "oil can" beer and Makers Mark bourbon were the opening toasts for his visits to our house near Buffalo. Then the fun could begin. On one such visit Dennis introduced us to Maggi whom we were subsequently thrilled to hear would be his wife. Years passed, miles between us increased and we lost touch except for Christmas and St. Patricks' Day cards, but the fondness and great memories live on. In Hoc Brother: In This Sign You Will Conquer

Kim & Carmen

Sending you so much love Maggi. Den was an Ace and I am thankful for our years of memories and friendship. Fond memories of Den, his candor, and always his kind, caring, heart. RIP Den Boy

Howard Murphy

I have been Dennis O'Brien's friend for over 65 years. I introduced him to the Grateful Dead.I was there on Day One with a half-dozen others when the Garoop was formed. His nickname "The Udd" (don't ask) was there long before "Denny," and was used only by the original crew. Even though he flew south with Maggie, he made the effort to return once a year. How can someone sum up an entire childhood of outrageous adventures, lazy summer afternoons playing cards on his parents' front lawn, and shared friendships? I used to say that the only way out of the Garoop was to die. I was wrong. The Udd will never be out of the group until the last member, the last one of us passes on. I urge all those who want to know what his (and our) childhood was like to listen to "High Hopes" by Pink Floyd (The Division Bell). Pay close attention to the lyrics. It really was a time of "magnets and miracles." The Udd was my friend, prominent in my circle of lifetime friends. He was irreplaceable, unique. I loved him like a brother. Still do.

Marshall & Mary Jarvis

Only had the great pleasure of meeting Denny when he and his wife (my cousin) spent a bit of time near where we live in South Carolina last year. We had a lovely lunch, conversed over wine and had such a lovely time. Had hoped for more in the future. May you rest in peace Denny..Maggi..hold those wonderful memories close and know we are always here for you..

Deb Warney

The memories that I hold dear are those of the many trips the 4 of us took together, the frequent lunches, many long talks and oh so many laughs! Den will always be remembered and forever loved!!Rest in peace my dear friend.

Dennis (Denny) O'Brien


The pubs on Amelia Island lost a loyal customer when, on June 4, 2024, Dennis (Denny) O’Brien’s heart
stopped beating. Dennis had a strong will right up until the end of his journey here on earth.

Dennis liked red wine along with his meat and potatoes. A real Irishman. He always told you
the truth, even if it wasn't what you wanted to hear. He was soft at heart, and yet he
sugar-coated absolutely nothing. For those who knew him, it was part of his Irish charm.

Dennis was born on November 19, 1950 in Melrose, MA. He had lifelong grade school friends
for 65+ years. The “Garoup” maintain their shenanigans to this day. He never forgot his Boston
roots and he and wife Maggi visited Boston every year. Dennis will make his final and lasting
journey to Boston in September. He loved the music of the Beatles and Grateful Dead, reading
papers and magazines and photography as a hobby. Dennis was the photographer at over 25
weddings for friends and family with his Nikon camera and photos in beautiful black and white.

Dennis graduated from Syracuse University with a BA in Political Science and an MBA in
Finance. It was here that he amassed another large group of friends through his membership in
the PSI PSI Chapter of the Sigma Chi fraternity. He started his finance career at Taylor/Great
Western Winery in Hammondsport, NY. He met his beloved Maggi at Bausch & Lomb in
Rochester, NY and then moved onto Western Electric/Lucent Technologies in NJ where he
stayed through retirement. He landed on Amelia Island 21+ years ago.

Dennis was preceded in death by his Parents, Fred and Mary Burns O’Brien. He is survived by his
loving best friend and wife of 42+ years, Maggi O’Brien. As well as his brother, Pete of Melrose,
MA; his brother-in-law Michael Packard of Fernandina Beach and many nephews, nieces and

Everyone who remembers Dennis or wants to pay condolences is invited to attend his Irish
Celebration of Life on Tuesday July 23 at The Patio at 5th and Ash in Fernandina Beach. Come
raise a glass in his memory from 4-6PM.

So fill to me the parting glass And drink a health whate'er befalls
Then gently rise and softly call
Good night and joy be to you all


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