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Gracie Geraldine Crisher


Gracie Geraldine Markham Crisher, �Ms. Gerrie� to those who knew her, was born in 1941 in Lake City,
Florida, the only daughter in three, to Cleavie and Gracie Markham. Ms. Gerrie later graduated Summa
Cum Laude from Andrew Jackson High School in Jacksonville, Florida. Ms. Gerrie then worked at May
Cohens and at Save-A-Stop, where, with her photographic memory, Ms. Gerrie memorized every stock
number in the plant within the first week of employment, prompting Senior Management to
immediately promote her to Manager. In the meantime, Ms. Gerrie met the love of her life and then
Navy seaman, Jim Crisher, on a double date. When Jim asked Ms. Gerrie on that date what her name
was, he followed by telling her his name first, and then waited for her response. Ms. Gerrie�s reply?
�My name is pooding tang. Ask me again, and I will tell you the same.� Jim knew at that moment he
was hooked, and that Ms. Gerrie would be the woman he would marry and with whom he would spend
the rest of his life. Ms. Gerrie and Jim then moved to Jim�s home state of Arizona and later to Dallas, TX,
where JFK was assassinated on Ms. Gerrie and Jim�s second wedding anniversary. Ms. Gerrie and Jim
then moved to Jacksonville, Florida and later to Fernandina Beach, Florida, working seven days a week
building their successful construction business, Tidewater Development Corporation, until they retired.
While building their business, Ms. Gerrie and Jim raised their children including Jimmy and Debbie
Crisher. Jimmy went on to become night Plant Manager at Bacardi Rum, and Debbie graduated summa
cum laude from college and worked as Department Manager at Chase Bank. Ms. Gerrie and Jim also
became the proud grandparents of Corey Crisher, son of Jimmy and Elizabeth Crisher.

Described as a loving wife; a caring and devoted Mother and Grandmother; and a compassionate
daughter, friend, and neighbor, Ms. Gerrie loved God, her family, and her country. An extremely strong
and determined woman, Ms. Gerrie managed to beat and survive stage 1 and stage 4 cancer and a
stroke, while continuously and successfully running the corporation; taking care of her family; keeping
the house, yard, and vehicles clean; etc. In her spare time, Ms. Gerrie loved going to the movies,
travelling, playing bingo and the slot machines, reading movie star autobiographies, the Gators, camping
with her husband, etc. She did all these things, while continuously striving to help others, always
putting their needs above her own.

A devout Southern Baptist her entire life, Ms. Gerrie went to be with the lord this month. She is
survived by her husband of 55 years and the love of her life for 57 years, Jim Crisher, and her children,
Jimmy and Debbie Crisher, and Jimmy�s wife and son, Elizabeth and Corey Crisher. Ms. Gerrie�s family
have expressed their eternal love for Ms. Gerrie, loudly declaring for all to hear she will be �forever in
our hearts.�


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