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George & Charlotte Collins

Dear Robyn and Family, We were so sorry to hear of Ian's passing. We always enjoyed our dog walks together in Oyster Bay with his dog Cody and our dog GG. And of course we enjoyed reading his books and hearing all his wonderful stories. He will be missed. Our thoughts and prayers are with you now and will continue to be with you as you go forward. Love to all, George & Charlotte

Terry Sands

I’m sure I have known Ian for longer than anyone attending his service on Thursday. We first met at college in 1955 and immediately started a lifelong close friendship. We joined the British Paras in 1958 and as you all know went on from there to have a colourful adventurous life under the colours and in business. I always thought he was invincible but sadly life has caught up with him (not many people did) and we have all lost a special character who I always though was invincible. He will be missed by many, the man, my good friend, was a legend and I’m proud to have known him..

Claire Lombard

It is with a heavy heart that we meet Ian's "untimely departure but with gratitude for having had him as a most special uncle: Ian was life itself, "human" with his great strengths and vulnerabilities, embracing all of life. Huge heart. We miss you so much Ian, happy memories of you going back to my first 3 year childhood memories in Kendal Avenue. Missed in this life but always present in our hearts. 💗

Marc Lombard

Ian, I will miss you! You were not only my dearest uncle and godfather, you also acted as a big brother or a second father depending on subjects going from fishing to bachelor parties. So much souvenirs from your different periods of life. All those summer holidays that I would spend as a teenager with you, Ana, Kim and Nancy in NJ, where you would learn me fishing, cutting down trees, and much more... and later on baby sitting Jackie in SF, or doing weird stuff at bachelor parties! ;-) And later on I wouldn't miss an occasion to visit you, Robyn, Ryan and Meagan when I had the occasion to travel to the US for my work, or when you came to France. But unfortunately this wasn't frequent enough. I only wished distances were shorter and that we took the time... Today is your Birthday. GrandMa probably cooked a nice cake for you, and I guess you're hiding in the backdoor with GrandDad to smoke a cigar with a Scotch, hoping Mum and Pauline won't report you Farewell Ian, have a nice Sail through, you will always be in my memories

Jeffery and Nancy Dunbar

JD Salinger wrote in Catcher in the Rye; “What really knocks me out is a book that, when you're all done reading it, you wish the author that wrote it was a terrific friend of yours and you could call him up on the phone whenever you felt like it." Nan and I were lucky enough to have this Autor as a friend and would regularly discuss his writings, WW2 and the current state of the world over dinner. We will miss this immensely. Ian was a great friend and like a brother to Jeff and will be missed not only by us but by the many lives he affected. Ian had a life well lived, Godspeed mi amigo - Slàinte mhath

Greg and Rebecca Ott

Ian, you dazzled us with your larger than life personality. People just naturally gravitated to you, wanting to listen to whatever you had to say. You always had a smile on your face, whether we saw you at the club or at the grocery store. Always a firm handshake for Greg and a hug for me, with a “Hello darlin”. We will miss you Ian, thanks for all the laughs, the stories, and the cocktails/cigars! You are forever in our hearts.

Gail McCurdy

My heart is with the entire family. Ian was one in a million and loved by Everyone that knew him. So many great memories he leaves behind for everyone he encountered. Sending so much love and compassion XOXO

Ian Murray


Ian Murray was born in London, England on 30 August 1939, and passed quietly on 21 August 2022, nine days prior to his 83rd birthday. He spent his final weeks surrounded by his family, sharing the love and joy that blessed their lives for so many years. Above all that follows, he was more than a father, he was the rock of our family, inspired all of us to greatness, yet taught us priceless beauty of life.

Ian was born during the early days of WWII and survived the blitz in London as a toddler. This experience had a profound impact on his life, and he maintained a heartfelt interest in WWII and world history. As a teen, he worked with his father in the London transport system which sparked an interest in engineering. He attended St. Ignatius’s College Preparatory and later earned an Engineering degree from the London University Program prior to his service with the British Military.

His military service began with the Army Parachute Regiment, often known as the “Paras,” but his training expanded to include work with Navy units and signal intelligence. Ian was recruited into the British Special Forces, Special Air Service (SAS) Regiment where he passed the notorious and grueling training evolution located in Wales. During his time in the SAS in the 1960s, he survived multiple deployments to conflict zones in Africa, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia.

After he concluded his service with the British military, he emigrated to the United States in the early 1970s where he began his civilian career with Melnor Industries in New Jersey. Ian was quickly recruited to Howmedica Inc., where he climbed the ranks from project engineer to the head of the engineering department. His charismatic and fun-loving demeanor ultimately landed him as the head of the marketing and sales division.

Ian’s continued business successes propelled him to the position of Executive Vice President with Towers Scientific, an operating room table and medical device production company located in Seattle. After Hexcel Medical purchased Tower Scientific in 1977, he moved with the company to the San Francisco Bay area, becoming Hexcel’s Director of Bio-Mechanical Engineering and New Product Marketing. Ian played an integral role in the Hexcel Medical acquisition and this event prompted the initiation of his entrepreneurial journey.

In 1978, Ian founded Biomedics, Inc. a business which created the transcutaneous electro nerve stimulator, known as “TENS”, designed for neural pain relief. During this time, he earned his United States citizenship and met his wife, Robyn. They married and resided in Blackhawk, California in 1985 and started a family a year after.

Ian continued to expand Biomedics and their internal medical device development attracted the attention of several businesses. One of these companies, Intermedics, Inc. asked Ian to establish and run their orthopedic division. When Intermedics moved to Texas, Ian moved back east to Annapolis, Maryland where he joined Kirshner Medical Corp., and expanded their orthopedic industries from domestic to international.

Continuing his entrepreneurship journey, Ian and his wife purchased the Kirschner veterinary and manufacturing facility in 1990. They later transitioned the previously veterinary oriented company into orthopedic implants for people and rebranded the business to Osteo-Technology International, Inc. (“OTI”).

In the early 2000s OTI purchased Implant Technology, Inc. a company struggling with lead times and manufacturing processes. Ian leveraged in house manufacturing to eliminate high costs associated with outside vendors and capitalized on the established distribution network of Implant Technology to successfully integrate the two companies. Shortly after, OTI acquired Advanced Spine and expanded the scope of his orthopedic business to include spinal implants such as spinal discs and pedicle screws. In 2005, OTI sold its assets to Encore Medical and two years later he and Robyn relocated to Fernandina Beach, Florida.

Throughout his professional life, Ian made significant contributions to the evolution of orthopedic implants and was instrumental in the finite element modeling and design of femoral stems universally employed today. He was also on the cutting edge of CAD-CAM, Computer Assisted Design Computer Assisted Manufacturing as related to the production of orthopedic implants. Ian published key articles on product design and in addition to his numerous contributions to the orthopedic community, holds several patents including a Constrained Prosthetic Knee, Porous Coated Total Hip, Femoral Broach, and Modular Neck for Femur Replacement Surgery. His business acumen and passion benefited the lives of many.

Never idle, Ian began writing about his many personal military adventures and those of his father, shortly after moving to Florida. He published the Black Orchid Series, a series of historical narratives based on true events involving the clandestine operations surrounding major conflicts from WWI to Vietnam. Ian’s participation in these exploits remains a secret.

Beyond his personal success, Ian valued authentic connections with others. Throughout his lifetime, Ian established friendships with people across the globe. A few of these unique places include the villages of Arusha and Moshi at the base of Kilimanjaro, the Maldives, Yemen, the Congo, Rhodesia (Zimbabwe), Istanbul, Prague, Osaka, Vietnam, Zurich, Valencia, and Lisbon.

A man of the culinary arts, Ian could often be found in the kitchen crafting infused oils, cooking a Spanish Paella, frying a Turkey for Thanksgiving or smoking salmon for countless hours on the smoker. He certainly loved a nice glass of Scotch and a cigar while discussing geopolitical strategy, history, and current events, but cherished his family most of all.

Ian is survived by his beloved wife Robyn, who remained by his side for 37 years. They were inseparable at home and in business and cherished the wonderful family and friendships they built throughout their lives together. Ian is also survived by his daughter Jacqueline, his son Ryan and wife Beverley, his daughter Meaghan, her husband Thomas Neuberger, and three grandsons Theo and Henry Neuberger and Xander Murray.

A memorial service will be held Thursday, September 8, 2022 at Amelia Platation Chapel beginning at 3:00 PM.


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