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Jacob Julius Millete


Jacob Julius Millete, age 23 of Jacksonville, FL passed away on Wednesday, October 21, 2020.

He was born in Jacksonville, Florida to Manuel Acasio Millete, Jr. and Crystal Nicole Campton.

Jacob graduated from Catapult Academy in Jacksonville and most recently worked as a Tax Preparer.

Jake was known as a free spirit who made friends with everyone he met. Jake loved photography, nature, traveling to new places, and being outdoors; camping, swimming, surfing and hiking. His compassion for animals, children and people of all walks of life was well known by all. He was passionate in all things, such as spending time with family, cleaning up the ocean and making the world a better place. Jake was a minimalist and cared more about relationships than materialist things. He was fitness and nutrition driven. He cared deeply about animal cruelty and had a variety of pets throughout his life including a pet pig, lizard, cats and dogs. Jacob was a Seminoles fan. He had a beautiful spirit and old soul.

He is predeceased by his maternal grandmother, Peggie Campton.

He leaves behind his parents, Crystal and Richard Goodin Jr. of Yulee, Florida; his father, Manuel Millete of Jacksonville, Florida; his sisters, Gabriella Goodin of Eugene, Oregon, Chloe Goodin of Fernandina Beach, Florida, Alexis Taylor of Virginia Beach, Virginia, Helena Goodin of Fernandina Beach, Florida, Breanna Millete of Jacksonville, Florida; paternal grandparents, Manuel and Joyce Millete, Sr. Of Jacksonville, Florida; maternal grandfather, John Campton of Butternut, Wisconsin; paternal grandfather, Richard Goodin, Sr. of Pahoa, Hawaii and paternal grandmother, Connie Essary of Yulee, Florida.

Services will be at 3:00 pm on Friday, October 30, 2020 at Oceanway Assembly of God in Jacksonville, Florida.

His family will receive friends from 2:00 pm until the hour of service at the church.


MELISSA WIERTSEMA October 23, 2020
Jacob will be severely missed. He was such a sweet and loveable boy. I remember the family taking a trip, in the motorhome, to Alabama. He rode with us and played with Brandon and Justin the entire way there. They had so much fun. His Aunt Missy and Uncle Tom will miss his sweet smile and hugs. We love you Jacob and can�t wait to see you in heaven.

RAE NEWMAN October 23, 2020
Jacob was such a sweet, gentle soul. His smile could brighten your day. Once when he waited too late to go to home (because time, for Jacob, was relative because there was too life to live!) so he came to my house to stay the night. I didn�t expect to open the door and see a him with a piglet that he had adopted. He said �I�ll keep her in the cage I promise� but that silly piglet would not stop crying because she wanted to be near Jacob. When I didn�t hear her anymore I came to check on them. There he was, sleeping on my couch with a perfectly happy piglet. Its a happy memory that I�m glad to have. I cannot imagine the loss his mother, sisters, step dad or dad are feeling right now. But I am very grateful for the chance to have been able to know, at least for a little while, such a unique person. The world has lost some its beauty and Heaven has gained some.

MARCIE October 24, 2020
Crystal (and family), there are no words. I am so VERY sorry. I wish I could be there in person to give you a big hug. Stay strong, my friend. You are an inspiration to many. ?

CHRISTINA PEREZ October 24, 2020
Jacob I still can�t believe you have left us. We were just camping together with your mom and Rick. Our family is in complete denial. You were like an older brother for my boys to look up to and another son to Jo�l and I. Your free spirit and love for nature and family will truly be missed. Your strong Knowledge and wise words will be truly missed. You would do anything for family like give your last shirt on your back and you go without. I could go on and on how truly amazing you was and how much you will be missed tremendously. We will love you always Jacob.

Dear Crystal and family. Our hearts poor out for you. Praying that God will ease the pain through this difficult time. God bless you and may your sweet boy rest in peace

GAYLE MOONEY October 25, 2020
I remember a much younger Jacob. He was a very sweet young man and I am deeply saddened to hear that he is no longer with us. I am praying for you all

JACKSON HALBACH October 25, 2020
Sending prayers from my family. My sister and I were close with Jacob when we were younger and one thing I remember was the energy he brought everywhere he went. That positive energy that fills up an entire room. Although I was younger than Jacob he never treated me as such and always made me feel accepted and welcome no matter what. He was someone I looked up to as a child and his energy will be missed. Rest easy big bro??

ROBIN TYLER October 25, 2020
Prayers for your family. May God give you peace during this very difficult time. I�m so sorry.

DAWN WARNER October 25, 2020
Words will not wipe away your tears and hugs may not ease the pain but hold onto your memories because forever they will remain.

JUAN RAMIREZ October 26, 2020
So sorry for your loss, praying for comfort during these time.

CASSIE HALBACH October 26, 2020
Jacob was the absolute sweetest soul, had the kindest heart and just full of energy everywhere he walked. I was so blessed to have met him and blessed to of had such an amazing friendship among the years with him. He had taught me so much among the years and he always reminded me to keep chasing my dreams and never give up. He was always so positive and I will never forget his smile. My prayers go out to his family and friends. I am so very sorry. You were such a great man Jacob. I love you, I�ll see you soon.

CHEYANNE SEAL October 27, 2020
Jacob, I still cannot believe the news of your passing. You never met a stranger and even as a child you always had a smile upon your face. You would brighten any room upon entering, and your laughter was contiguous. Your love for nature and animals was evident from a very early age. I will miss your smiles, your many hugs, your laughter and your gentle old soul.

CAROLINE October 27, 2020
Jacob, you were the most kind soul I�ve met. You�ve helped every single person to come across your path with a smile or with kind words. You helped my person and your family develop so much character and become a better man. You helped me to understand perspectives more and have a more open mind. You inspire. You�re caring, and a beautiful soul. Always will be no matter where you are. Thank you for being such a great person in this life. You�re so loved.

CHRISTIE OSBORNE October 27, 2020
I am devastated by the news of the loss of your son. May care and love of those around you provide comfort and peace to get you through the days ahead. Sending you prayers and my most sincere condolences. ??

NINA JOHNSON October 27, 2020
I grieve with you Crystal, your family ,and, grieve most of all for this young man �Jacob� -however it seems like he put much on this earth already. Perhaps that was his mission.Many others have been through this, and look for meaning -but the day you posted a rainbow at the beach only a very few days ago that spoke for everything .Prayers

MICHAEL WILLIAMS October 28, 2020
I was 11 years old when I was first introduced to You jacob I am now 16 and have to say my final goodbye to you on Friday, seen you just a week before this news. It hurts man it truly does..We never expected you to leave so early, you were the type of person to give your last to someone without expecting anything back, when I was back livin in the trailer you knew how rough it was and you used to always kidnap me and let me hang out with the big guys..we got some memories I�ll forever hold close with me. You the reason I grew my hair out with you and Juan. I know you still be chillin with me n juan I could feel it. Im going to let you get your rest you deserve it, I love you man you were such a inspiration to me and a lot of others?

RAY HEADY October 31, 2020
I�m so sorry to hear of Jacob�s passing Money. My deepest condolences to you and the family.

Remembering Jacob when he was a small boy as a brave yet gentle soul ? always so sweet, loving and most of all, happy! Our family has some of the best memories when the kids were little people. Laughing, smiling and celebrating life! No words will ever replace our loss, nor heal the pain. Only our faith in God can bring peace. May love and prayers continue to surround this family?? His legend will live on� you guys

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