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Tom and Jennifer

To our dearly loved friend whom we miss so much.Your love & your beautiful spirit and smile, and wonderful times spent together will always be held deep within our hearts and minds.

Scott, Coll, CJ & Liam

Dearest Muth (aka “Mud”). We’re so sad that you’re no longer with us and that you never got to meet the boys in person. They did so love getting to do voice notes and videos to you though, just to say your name and giggle 🤭 but another part of us is not sad at all, because we’re not hopeful or wishful that you’re in some better place - we are confident and sure that because you knew Jesus and loved him and worshipped him that you’re with him now and one day we will get to join you for all eternity. But we do and will continue to miss you and pray for Mom and Grampie and the rest of the family for comfort and peace.

Darren, Esme, Dylan, Teneal Quinsee

Aunty June, how sad we were when we heard the news.your laugh,your sense of humour,your love ,you made one feel at ease one of the family,thank you for being you. you shall be greatly missed by us all,

Barbara Murray Quinn

Mom you were my biggest fan and always had an encouraging word to take away !! Thank you for being the unconditional loving person in my life !! Forever grateful your daughter Barbara ♥️🙏

Brenda Hunt

A lifetime of memories and love. My dearest sister June. You are going to be sorely missed but I take comfort in knowing you are where you wanted to be ....with our Lord. Love you always.... Bren


I have the lovely childhood memories of aunty June at Honey Drive being a loving aunt, and very special, teaching me to play the organ. RIP aunty June xx

Barbara Quinn

My number one fan and greatest enc

Don and Peggy Kassa

A great lady and an inspiration! Sad times for Cecil and the family. Our thoughts are with you and wishing you fond family memories from San Antonio

Gloreen Loper

June will be so missed… She joined us for dinner not very long ago on my deck. She & Cecil came over and I loved how she fit in with the crowd laughing and having such a good time. Her smile was contagious. And now she is where I want to be someday… she just beat me to it. Love you June. 🙏🏼🥰

Alan Roodt

Mom, Thank you for being the most loving Mother a Son could wish for. You will be sorely missed but I am rejoicing in your walk with Jesus.

June Edith Florence Cooper


Our most gracious lady, June passed away on Thursday 9th, November, 2023 in Fernandina Beach, Amelia Island, Florida.

Born in Luanshya, Northern Rhodesia[Zambia], July 27, 1937 to Walter Howel Dawson, and Emily Lorraine[nee Robbins]Dawson, of Wales, U.K.

Beloved wife to surviving husband Cecil Cooper and deceased Dennis Roodt.

Mother to Barbara, Alan, and her dog Nala.

Grandmother to Michelle, Sean, Tammy, Heidi, Candice, Ian, and Scott.

Great- grandmother to the children of the above Grandchildren.

June led a full and rich life, one that was action-packed with adventures that would make Indiana Jones look like a novice.

June was also the daughter of hardy pioneers who played a significant role in the development of the early days of Northern Rhodesia. In particular, one of June’s biggest bragging rights was that her father, Walter, was part of the team that sunk the very first mine shaft at the Luanshya Copper Mine, the mine that spawned the growth of the world renowned “Copper Belt.” June was so proud of that fact. Some of June’s happiest memories and recollections were having grown up and going to school, and being a part of the community of the Luanshya Mine.

June met and married Dennis Lawrence Roodt in Southern Rhodesia[Zimbabwe], where both their children Barbara and Alan were born.

By late 1950’s, June found herself back on the “Copper Belt” after husband Dennis was offered a job working on the then wealthy N’Changa copper mine, near the town of Chingola. Back on the “Copper Belt”, June once again experienced some of the finest years there with her family. During those years living in Chingola, June learned her skills as a hairdresser and stylist.

Shortly before Northern Rhodesia, a British Colony, was granted independence, to become Zambia, June and Dennis decided to re-locate to South Africa and continue their adventure.

Taking those learned skills and combining them with her entrepreneurial spirit, June forged ahead by buying and running two hairdressing salons in Johannesburg from 1966 – 1968. One salon was located in Black Heath, the other being in Yeoville. During those years, daughter Barbara apprenticed with her, while June’s sister worked with her as one of her hair stylists. The long and short of it was that June developed a large clientele that loved and respected her.

The sudden death of her husband Dennis at the young age of 36, ushered in a new era of change and adventure for June.

June’s creativity also manifested itself in her music and love of the performing arts. Her cake-making and decorating was the “icing on the cake.”

Being very talented at playing the piano and organ, June was asked to save the day by stepping in for the musicians who were now no longer available to play at her brother’s wedding. June’s Brother-in-law, Roy Christie, also had a drummer friend, Cecil Cooper, who had also agreed to step up and accompany June. That pairing became a 55 year union between June and Cecil.

The adventure continued with June and Cecil moving from South Africa to Rhodesia[formerly Southern Rhodesia] in early 1970.

June’s hairstyling capabilities found her back in the hairdressing profession, with one of her regular clients being none other than Janet Smith, wife of Rhodesia’s Prime Minister, Ian Smith.

June’s passion for music took over around 1972 when she switched full time to teaching music and playing the organ. If that wasn’t enough, June was instrumental[no pun intended]in forming two family bands, involving drummers Cecil and Alan, Barbara on vocals, an occasional horn player, and Lynette Knipe, one of June’s organ students.

The Blue Jay’s comprised of June, Alan, Barbara, and the occasional horn player. Sugar and Spice were made up of Lynette and Cecil. June, being center and foremost, led both bands and handled all the bookings.

Philanthropically, June also formed “The Salisbury Organ Club” which immersed her into many worthy charitable events such as “The Lions Club,” “Veterans of the Rhodesian Bush War,” and “Around Rhodesia,” where they travelled the country to raise funds for the Rhodesian troops.

The “Winds of Socialism” were blowing, this time inevitably into Rhodesia, forcing June and her family to move once again.

Not to be outdone by Indiana Jones, June and Cecil decided to continue their adventure by emigrating in 1978 to Zululand, South Africa. June continued to teach music as well as playing for a dancing studio where here grandchildren Michelle, Sean, and Candice were pupils under her watchful eye.

Changes came as well to South Africa, and in 1986, June and Cecil, accompanied by grand-daughter Michelle, arrived in L.A. – USA, where June went to work for General Research Laboratories in Northridge, San Fernando Valley, California, where she retired late 1999/early 2000.

The adventure for June and Cecil continued with their move to Kauai in 2005, the land of “Jurassic Park” and several “Indiana“ movie sets. Kauai was also the place where June nurtured and nourished her faith and walk with God and the Lord Jesus. June was an active member in the Lihue United Church, where she served and was loved by all.

In April/May 2023, June’s final adventure came with her move from Kauai, Hawaii, to Fernandina Beach, Florida, where her daughter Barbara and son-in-law, Patrick[Paddy] Quinn, and her Grandson Ian and his wife Shannon and Great- grandson Lucas Roodt are living.

Sadly, this was to be June’s final move. A recent fall resulted in a broken femur, and unfortunately, June did not recover well. On November 9th, 2023, The Lord held June gently by the hand and took her home, to a place she longed to be.

June will be sadly missed by her Husband – Cecil, Her Beloved Dog – Nala, Daughter – Barbara and Paddy, Son – Alan and Bonnie a.k.a “BBB,” and all her Grandchildren and Great- grandchildren.

Indiana Jones may well still be searching for the “Lost Arc of the Covenant.” June has found it.

“Humba Gashley”….. “Iwe uri munzvimbo iri nani.”

Zulu – Shona
Go carefully / Go safely and rest in peace.


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