Matthias Jost


Family and friends say �so long� to an extraordinary man, Matthias �Matt� Jost, 84 who died June 3, 2018.

Born January 25, 1934 to Anna and Josef Jost in Tschesterek, Yugoslavia. Matt lost his Father when he was very young. Josef was a victim of Genocide, post the fall of Hitler by Tito.

Matt survived Tito�s concentration camp Rudolfsgnad. His mother (Anna) led them on three failed escapes, until the final fourth one. This three person family of refugees made their way from Yugoslavia to Vienna where the Red Cross helped them. Matthias credits the Red Cross with saving their lives. Matt was disappointed that world leaders (to this day) did not formally acknowledge the atrocities his family (and many others) faced.

Matt�s Uncle Mark was able to sponsor them on the Queen Mary, making their way through Ellis Island. At Ellis Island, Matt had the teenage exuberance to ensure proper spelling of his surname �Jost� not �Yost� as it is pronounced. Despite the years he spent as a refugee, and not speaking English, Matt went on to graduate High School on time. Matt attended Saturday double features, to teach himself English.

Matt served in the Army as a chemical specialist. His Citizen�s ceremony took place while he served, and ended up being a very special ceremony because duty caused him to miss the standard one.

Matt received his Bachelor�s Degree from the University of Pittsburgh, the city which they called home for many years. Matts� long term career was that of a Regulatory Economist.

Matt�s passions include laughing, fried chicken, car-flipping, coffee and reading. Matt is remembered by many as being inquisitive, funny, soft-spoken, and inherently optimistic. Recently, when asked by the medical staff �Who was president?� he would reply �Hillary Clinton�.

Matthias and Joyce celebrated 50 years together on September 15, 2013.

Survived by Wife Joyce, Sister Katharina, son David and Daughter-in-law Lois. Two grand-dogs. Two grandchildren. Preceded by son Brian.

The family requests donations made to any of the following charities: Memorial United Methodist Church, Red Cross, American Cancer Society North Hampton Crew.

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