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Your maita

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

Dorothy & Kenny Selander

I was shocked and so was my son Kenny to learn he had passed. I must say he loved his fish. He was always there for us when we had questions. He was always kind, caring and helpful and very funny.

Steve Ross

I was shocked when I heard of Rafael’s passing. My wife was shocked also when I told her. We are patient’s of Kathia and have been for a few years. Actually, we were Rafael’s patients too. He was always so helpful with us and his knowledge and enthusiasm will be missed. He always smiled and was a kind soul. While grief presently exists with his passing, he will live on in our memories and in the hearts of all who loved him and those who had the pleasure of experiencing his kindness in his journey on this earth. He is now with God and looking down on us with the same caring smile that he gave us all in life. Deepest sympathies to Kathia and to all of Rafael’s family and friends.

Vicki and Stephen Waddell

We met Rafael when we started coming to see Dr Kathia Ortiz. When we came in the door, Rafael's always had a welcoming smile on his face. He helped me so much getting the correct face mask and new c-pap machine so I haven't had any problems using it comfortably. He always explained everything to us in detail and always answered any questions we had, no matter how long it took. He was the sweetest, kindest and knowledgeable person, and that smile was every time you saw him. I'll never forget him and how much he loved the fish tanks he put up in the waiting room. They were always so pretty, the fish were amazing. We loved seeing what he had added each visit. Then one day, there was a big, long fish tank in the waiting room, he had brought it in and was going to fix the problems with it and put larger fish in it. The next visit, he had put it all together and it was beautiful. It was clean, had fish in it with the bubbling aerator in it, he was so proud of all the beautiful fish had done a lot of work. It was a pleasure to have known him, he was always a joy to be around. Rafael is with our Lord and

Doug Evans

Raphael was one of the very first people I met when I moved to Florida at the height of the pandemic. I contacted Amelia Respiratory to make sure they could handle my condition before I bought my house. The first time I entered the little office on Park Ave his huge smile let me know I was among friends. The office was tiny and his workspace was under the stairs so I started calling him Harry Potter. He helped me greatly with the software the office used, I’ve worked in computers for 20 years but for some reason medical software and I never get along. But he was patient with me, more patient than I deserved and he helped me get my rickety old PC up and running on Patient Fusion. Whenever I called the office his bright cheerful voice came on the line I knew he could handle and requests I threw at him, and when I came into the office he always greeted me with a bright cheerful Hello and we’d talk about his fish. Now I have a large Raphael shaped hole in my heart, but the pain I feel has a good edge to it, the pain is there to tell me how much I loved Raphael. I asked his mom if there was anything I could do and she said pray. Father In Heaven – thank you for leading me to Raphael, you gave me a good friend and a cheerful ally in my own personal fight. Please extend my love to his mother and comfort her in her hour of need and if possible, a little justice would be a nice gift for all, in Jesus name we pray.

Nathan & Cindy Kuehn

Oh Dr. Ortiz we just found out about the loss of your beautiful son. We are so sorry to hear about this and want to extend our love to you and your family during this time.

Steve & Lori Parkrr

Dr Ortiz, I was heartbroken to read of the loss of your son. Rafael was alway kind, friendly, and helpful anytime I was in your office. Know that you and your family are in our thoughts and prayers.

Mai Vadali

My heart breaks for you Kathy. I am so sorry. I pray for you and your family.

Hoyet Eugene Sawyer II

Dr.Ortiz I'm so sorry for your loss of your wonderful son he was always so very nice polite and called me his friend and was always very helpful with making sure that I got what I needed to help me breathe and to be able to get a good nights sleep and we could talk about anything we would have a nice visit and share a laugh or to I will miss this smiling face and his wisdom he was just a big ole teddy bear of a man he will be greatly missed so Rafael God bless you until we meet again my friend Dr. Ortiz you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers

Orlando Julio Polo Montero

Dra. En verdad de todo corazón lamento mucho lo de su hijo Rafael, me entristece mucho enterarme de esta noticia hoy, sabiendo lo especial y bondadosa mujer que es usted, no los conozco de vista pero no hace falta ya que con lo poco que he compartido con usted por medio de llamadas se que es una mujer guerrera he intachable, y estoy totalmente seguro que su hijo fue educado con los mejores valores del mundo, Dios le de mucha fortaleza para poder afrontar esta perdida, se nota el amor tan grande que tenia por Rafael, me duele mucho que usted esté pasando por está situación a la cual nunca nadie quiere llegar, pero tengo la plena seguridad que Rafael partió de este mundo muy pero muy orgulloso de usted y tengo la plena seguridad que entre momento está acogido por nuestro señor Jesucristo en su santo reino. Dios le de muchas fortaleza a sus amigos, primos, tios, abuela, padre y en especial a usted Dr.

Nancy Billington

Dear Dr. Ortiz, I just learned of your son’s death and there are no words of consolation that will lessen your loss. I can only send you my deepest sympathy and hope that God will hold you in His hand and give you strength. I remember Rafa from many years ago and how he always had a welcoming smile for me when I came to your office. I will miss seeing that smile.

Kathleen Douglas

Dear Dr. Kathia, I became a new patient, new to the area just a few months ago and had the immense pleasure of meeting your son, Rafael, on my visit for tests. I was very nervous and he put me at ease at once with his charm and warm smile. I have read some of the other memories and know that I was very lucky to have met him and to have received such care. I am so very sorry for your loss at this time as I cannot imagine how precious he is to you. Be proud of him and continue to feel his joyful presence in your life even in these difficult times. You and your family are in my heart, thoughts and prayers.

Lyndan Maron

Dr. Ortiz, There are no words that can express the shock of losing Rafael, nor are there any words that can bring comfort. You have my deepest sympathy. May God surround you and your family with His love and may Rafael rest in eternal peace.

Robert E Venditti

My deepest sympathies to you, your family, and staff over your terrible loss. I remember how friendly, helpful and personable he was on my office visits; I know he will be greatly missed. You are all in my thoughts and prayers.

Your maita

I got that dreaded call, shook me to my knees. Are your sure? maybe You dialed the wrong number, sir. I’m begging you please. Oh no I wont believe you are gone at all No man, I can’t this right here ain’t according to our plan   I need your love, I can’t breathe There are no words, nothing no one can say, cant take away this pain   I hope you are floating on the waves of the Milky way May you be dancing on the stars over my head And when you finally find a planet that you embrace I hope you got a crescent moon on your face. I know you are in heaven I want to hold you now and for ever They took away my chance to be by your side To catch your last breath To fight for your health   They took away your smile and mine You are in heaven now Far away from pain and hate I will see you soon, my dear son let me get things straight then lets move on together as always since the day you were born   Rafael you were and always be my north the wind that pushes me to sail impossible-possible quest you the apple of my eye, the joy of my heart you made me feel complete The son a mother is proud to have   I am sorry I could not protect you that day I wish I could change the clock, the time I know you are in heaven Far away from pain and hate   I will see you soon…     Rafael taught me forgiveness compassion, people deserve second chances, and the most important thing he taught me was to be his mom.                

Amigos Sagrado Corazón de Jesus

Carta abierta de parte de tus amigos. Amigo Rafa, gordo, dogor, como cariñosamente te hemos siempre dicho. Hoy es un día muy triste para todos nosotros, ya que te decimos adiós. En este día, serian pocas las palabras para poder expresar el sentimiento que nos une a todos los aquí presentes y aquellos que en la distancia también están aquí. Querido amigo, como no recordar la primera vez que te vimos. Fue un primer día de clases en el colegio. Sobresaliste con tu estatura ya que nos llevabas más de una cabeza a todos. Pero más allá de tu estatura, tu cordialidad y amigable personalidad conquisto todos nuestros corazones. Rápidamente te convertiste en el amigo de todos y en cualquiera de nuestras descripciones sobre ti, siempre ha de haber una en común, tu nobleza. Eras noble, sereno, humilde, una persona verdaderamente sencilla y al mismo tiempo una autoridad cuando tratábamos de un tema serio. Mas de una vez un cocotazo de tu parte nos hizo caer en razón. Siempre fuiste enteramente respetuoso con la gente. Eras una de esas almas puras muy difíciles de encontrar. Amigo querido, fuimos y somos testigos de la gran persona que fuiste. Fuiste resiliente, valiente, un hombre honorable, de buen sentido del humor y con una risa y sonrisa contagiosas. Compartimos contigo tu vida y crecimos juntos y eso para todos nosotros fue un honor. Fuimos testigos del amor incondicional que sentiste por tu familia y recordamos como se iluminaban tus ojos cuando hablabas de tu abuelo. Hoy en día querido amigo, sabemos y entendemos que estas en un lugar mejor abrazándolo a él. Querido Rafa, nos entristece tu partida. Pero sentimos el consuelo de que hoy eres un ángel que vuela alto y que velaras por tu familia y en parte por nosotros. Dentro de nuestra memoria siempre existirás y como hablábamos tus amigos hace unos días. Siempre te extrañaremos, recordaremos e invocaremos. Por que fuimos, somos y por siempre seremos amigos, seremos hermanos. Y Tenemos la seguridad amigo querido, de que algún día, nos abrazaremos en el cielo. Hoy eres un ser de luz. Fue un honor haber compartido contigo tantos anos de amistad. Descansa en paz por siempre hermano querido

Loly llimas

Solo el amor del Padre Celestial nos puede dar la fortaleza q se necesita en estos momentos. Mi mas sinceras condolencias para mi amiga doña cielo y su familia. Mi oracion con uds

Kassandra Gonzalez

Dr Ortiz, I am so sorry for your loss. May his memory forever live on in the hearts of those who loved him most. Please accept my most sincere condolences. May god continue to guide you through him and enlighten you with strength. May he rest in peace.

Gloria Pérez De La Hoz

Kathy, Cielo y familia, desde la distancia les envío un abrazo de condolencias por el fallecimiento de Rafa, me uno a su dolor, Dios las llene de mucha fortaleza, paz y consuelo, mis oraciones con ustedes, "Descansa en Paz Rafa y Brille para él la Luz Perpetua"

Manuel Orozco

Sra Kathia... mis más sinceras y sentidas condolencias por la prematura partida de Rafa. Mi amigo, mi hermano, mi llave. Pidiéndole al Señor que te reciba en su Santo Reino y que acá en la tierra nos llene de mucha resignación y fortaleza para afrontar tan duro momento. Un fuerte abrazo para usted y la sra Cielo desde Colombia. Los quiero mucho...

Chiara Comes

My dearest Kathia, I cannot begin to imagine the loss you are feeling. The news of Rafa's sudden passing simply shocked me; there are no right words that can be shared which would bring much comfort right now. And I am far away and cannot do much to be of support to you. But I do pray for the Lord's peace to fill your soul and for His infinite love to hold you when you'll need it the most—today, tomorrow, and in the months and years to come. I am with you in spirit. I've lit a candle for you and for your beloved Rafael and sending my prayers your way. Un abrazo infinito.

David Beverly

I am sending all live and light, holding you in peace for the moments of reflection. A reminder that you are now a memory keeper, a sacred honor and trust.

Marisol Miranda

Mi apreciada Kattya mis sentidas condolencias para ti y toda tu familia, un fuerte abrazo desde la distancia. Dios te conceda mucha Fortaleza, un fuerte abrazo

Rose Beusausen

We will all be at a lossRadio was so youngOne of the most decent men I’ve ever known He was honest, hard working & had integrity Rafi, we will miss you

G, M, P, T, S, V, and M

On behalf of myself and several friends, we wish to express our deepest sympathy to Rafael’s family and friends. We had the pleasure of knowing him through an online gaming community, that’s really more like a family to us. Rafael, or “Ganni”, as we knew him, was an amazing, kind-hearted, and caring friend. In his memory and honor, we have collectively donated $500 to the ASPCA. You will be deeply missed. - G, M, P, T, S, V, and M

Andrew O

When someone you love becomes a memory, that memory becomes a treasure

Carmenza Vives

Lamentando mucho su perdida. Que el señor los reconfirmed. Descanse en paz

Alexandra Nord Fox

Dear Dr. Kathia, please accept my deepest condolences to you and your family. My thoughts are with you at this very difficult time. Rafael, you have been a wonderful friend to me over the years of playing GOTC. Your kindness and support have always meant a lot to me. My friend, you will be missed and there will be a warm place in my heart for you. Thank you God for giving me the honor of meeting you in my life. Rest in peace my beautiful friend

Alicia Sánchez de Cabarcas.

Con inmenso dolor me uno a ustedes y pido a Dios misericordia...fortaleza y mucha paz...Para Rafael Ernesto la gloria eterna..DEP..Amen


Dear Dr. Kathia. I'm really sorry for your loss. My condolences to you, to grandma and the rest of the family. There is no words to describe Rafael. A good soul with a pure heart. If it weren't for him, I wouldn't be the fighter I am now. You will be missed and remembered by manny Rafael, but I know that God is watching over you now and that you are in a better place. See you one day, goodbye my precious friend...

Tiana T

My deepest condolences to family & friends of Rafael. I met Rafael when working at Symphony of Crestwood years ago & he was the kind of person you never forget. Always smiling, always looking on the bright side of things. I’ve seen him go out of his way numerous times to help residents & other workers at Symphony. The kindness he omitted will always live in my memories. It was a blessing to have known him.

Sandra Patricia Pertuz Duran

Lamentando la perdida, fortaleza y de corazon espero su alma este en paz

Susana Rodriguez

My deepest condolences to the family of Rafael. He was like a brother to me not just because we used to tell people at Symphony due to us having the same last name. He was a great mentor, I was always able to give him my problems and he always found a solution after he joked about it. He always looked as the glass was always full and could use more.I remember when Rafael would hide in my office when he was waiting on someone to write up and he never liked to yell at anyone but knew he has to do his job yet he always asked me to be a witness. We would work weekends together and he would joke to me that we had no life, that we were always at work. I had the pleasure of knowing Rafael inside and outside of work. I was sad when he moved and left Symphony and now my heart aches knowing that a beautiful soul is no longer with us. My prayers will be with Rafael and his family.

Jessica Teeter

It's so hard to find the right words to describe what a wonderful soul Rafa was. He was always smiling and telling jokes trying to get everyone laughing. I had the pleasure of meeting Rafael first at Lexington of Chicago Ridge and right away knew he was going to join our "work family", then also we worked together at Symphony of Crestwood. Everyday he pushed for greatness and to learn all he could to further his knowledge and understanding on his Career path. I can't ever say I seen him stressed or not without his big smile in his face. When we would all try to get together for an after work dinner, it was all of the girls & then Rafael....and he fit right in. He was like a little brother, asking questions, wanting to know the latest "news", or just stopping by my office to make a joke to make me smile and then walk away. My deepest condolences to his family & other friends. You are all in my thoughts and prayers. I am so thankful and blessed that God brought Rafael into my life. I will forever cherish the memories that I have with him. Rest In Heaven Rafa, and I will see you again one day.

Janeth Brochero

Que en paz descanse

Enrique Páez y familia

Rafael verdaderamente un hijo de esas virtudes no tenia porque tener una corta vida truncada por esos asesinos que destrozan una familia ejemplar de buen corazón en este momento de dolor me uno a mis amigos de la familia Ortiz Cantillo y el señor tenga en su santo reino a Rafael e ilumine a toda la familia saludos Páez family thanks

Miguel cantillo

Katy no sabes cuánto lo siento todo esto me deja sin palabras todos los que conocíamos a Rafa lo que lo queríamos y sabíamos la gran persona que era de un corazón noble presto a dar hasta lo que no tenía por las personas que estaban a su alrededor siempre lo recuerdo con esa sonrisa recuerdo cuando lo llevaba al colegio rafini como yo le decía Dios te tenga en su santa gloria no sabes el vacío que dejas en nuestros corazones personas como tú son las que dejan huellas en nuestras vidas te seguiremos amando rafini y te llevaremos siempre presente en nuestra memoria y en nuestros corazones mi más sentidas condolencia familia de todo corazón las acompaño en ese inmenso dolor


RIP Rafael , a gentle person.

Nohra Mercado H

Lo siento mucho Kathya, no tengo palabras que te puedan brindar consuelo, un fuerte abrazo🙅🏻‍♀️

Yvonne Bustos

My deepest condolence to Dr. Kathia, Grandmother Cielo, and family. My thoughts and prayers are with you during this very difficult time. Rafael, my dear friend—I tried to write this many times, and I know I can never truly put into words what you mean to me, but I can hear you say Yvonne you can do this! That was your nature to always encourage and motivate. We have been friends from Lexington, Symphony, and after the move. You were like a brother to me. I have so many good memories of you and our work family, and I am grateful to God for that. You were always smiling, working hard, and making us laugh. I will miss our check-in calls where we would chat like old ladies for hours about everything from work, family, pets, shows, and just reminiscing about old times, and of course it always ended with a good laugh. Dr Kathia, it was an honor to be your son’s friend, and I am so very sorry for your loss. I will miss him forever.

Nancy McDonald

I had the pleasure of working with Rafael for many years. I distinctly remember the first time I met him; he was so young and eager to learn. Rafael always worked hard and was genuine and well liked by his coworkers and patients. He came to work with a smile everyday and his warm and kind character could make you laugh no matter what type of day you were having. Rafael and I started out as coworkers but ended up being friends. He left a lasting impression upon my heart, and I am forever grateful that I he was a part of my life. Until we meet again my friend.

Amanda Jackson

I had the pleasure of meeting Rafael when I was working at Lexington. He would stay over on second shift and study for his administrator test. He would take breaks from studying and keep me company while I passed meds. He was always willing to help out, so caring, so kind. We became close at Lexington. After some time, we started working at Symphony of Crestwood. There he was the Assistant Administrator. We were all so proud of him. He was always wanting to learn more, better himself! He was always there to listen, be a shoulder to lean on. If I was angry he would always tell me to calm down..he’d always find the positive in a situation.He would talk to me about his family.. how close he was with his grandparents and his mom! I remember when his grandma would pack him a lunch he use to love bragging to me and showing what she packed! Such a pure soul! So loving, kind to all! We made a lot of memories through the years! I am grateful for them and will cherish them always! My deepest condolences to his family..sending love and prayers! May God give you the strength to get through this! Rafael is your guardian angel now.. he is with you always! Rafi, it is heartbreaking that you were taken from us so soon. I am not surprised to hear you were protecting someone. That’s just like you…helpful, loving, genuine. Your work family is at a loss for words. You will forever be in our hearts! I am grateful to have known you. We got close through the years.. you were a brother to me! I still remember when you started calling me Mandi. I always told you only my family calls me that and to stop calling me Mandi. Then one day your reply was we are family. And you were right so from that day forward you called me Mandi. You touched the lives of so many people! You made a difference. People like you are hard to come by. But one thing I know is you are watching over all of us. Protecting us, guiding us! Rest easy Rafi! Love you always, Mandi

Rafael Roca

Kathy un gran abrazo de condolencias por Rafa , extensivo a la Señora Cielo

Sandra Patricia Pertuz Duran

Familia los acompaño en su pena, eterno descanso para el almaa de Rafael

Maria Govea

En estos tristes momentos no hay palabras que den consuelo a una madre que a perdido asu adorado hijo. Rafael fue un excelente ser humano y gran compañero de trabajo, innumerables memorias tenemos para recordarlo por siempre todos los que tuvimos el placer de conocerlo. Dios te reciba en su Gloria. Dra. Ortiz-Cantillo Dios le conceda confort y Fortaleza en su corazón.

Luisa Marina Londoño Jaramillo

Todas mis oraciones para que Dios les de mucha fortaleza. Que descanse en Paz 🙏🏻🙏🏻

Judy Bouchard

Dear Dr. Ortiz, Please accept my thoughts and prays for your wonderful son Raphael. I am saddled by your loss. I always enjoyed talking to Raphial and he always knew how to adjust and fix my c pap machine. He had such patience.My condolences to you and the healing love you have given to me. Judy

luis fernando pertuz

paz en su tumba, fortaleza a su madre y abuela así como todos sus seres queridos cercanos, dios de consuelo y paz a todos y guaraden su buenos recuerdos y su sonrisa en sus mentes

Carmen Ana Cabarcas Sánchez

Lamento profundamente la partida de Rafael Ernesto, por la Misericordia de Dios descanse en paz y suplico para ustedes la fortaleza en estos momentos difíciles, especialmente a la Dr Kathia Ortíz y su abuela amada señora Cielo Cantillo. Un abrazo desde la distancia

Carolina De La Hoz y Familia

Querida Prima Katy. Lo siento mucho. Cuando me enteré de me vino a la mente ese Niño alegre e inmediatamente busqué esa foto que te envié. Tiene la misma sonrisa de la foto que fijas aquí. Esa sonrisa y todo ese amor de Rafa debes recordarlo para con Jehova Dios de la mano puedas soportar y sobrellevar esta pérdida tan grande. Un abraso también para mi tía cielo y mis primas

Ana victoria Pertuz Parra y familia

Desde Colombia les envío un abrazo de Condolencia y mis oraciones por el Descanso en la Eteridad de este querido Rafael Ernesto Dios les de fortaleza en este momento de tanto dolor brille para él la luz perpetua🌟💫

Juany Bocanegra de De la Cruz .

Kathy, Cielo y flia, acompañándolas de corazón en estos momentos de profundo dolor. Dios les de consuelo y resignación. Bendiciones.

LEINA Rodríguez

Katya, No hay palabras, Solo Dios tiene la fuerza, el consuelo y La Paz que tu corazón necesita. No puedo imaginar el dolor tan Grande que te embarga. Dios te acompañe en estos momentos a Ti y a toda la familiaUn fraternal abrazo

Pauline B

He was a good friendly guy.You're surely missed.The Lord's blessings be upon you. To Rafael's mom-Have faith, be strong.We ,his friends,are saddened too to lose a young vibrant person .We are with you and pray with you while you deal with this tragedy.

B. P.

Dr. Ortiz I am extremely sorry for your loss. I want you to know your son was a well known member of a large online gaming community of people from all over the world. It's no exaggeration when I say hundreds of players know him and know of him. He was well liked and will be missed. I will miss his sense of humor and gentle laugh. We all mourn with you. Gannicus "Ganni" my friend, I hope you reach heaven on the wings of a dragon. God speed.

Carmen Manzuetti

Mi Querida kati y mi señora cielito lamento muchizimo la perdida de una persona tan dulce y humilde y con una gran sonrisa haci lo voy a seguir recordando a rafa no tengo palabras le pudo a Dios por ti kati y flia que le de mucha fortaleza y los abraze con ese amor tan grande que tiene Dios para sus hijos seguimos orando por ustedes le mando un abrazo grande Dios los bendiga


God will comfortor you and your family doing this time. We extend our condolences to you and your family. Your son was an amazing adminstrator at Sympony of Crestwood, Crestwood IL. Your son will never be forgotton. God bless you and keep you, continue prayers from us.

Claudia Cuberos

María siento mucho tu pérdida y la de toda la familia, solo le pido a Dios que les de la fortaleza necesaria para afrontar este duro momento, no alcanzo a imaginar el dolor tan grande que debes estar viviendo, un hijo es lo más sagrado tiene una madre, te acompaño de corazón y te envío Mís oraciones por el descanso eterno de tu amado Rafa 🙏🏻🙏🏻

Apreciada amiga y compañera Karya

Me entero con profunda tristeza del acontecimiento que le sucedió a Rafael tu hijo mis más sinceras condolencias acompañándote en la distancia en este inmenso dolor. .Mucha fortaleza un fuerte abrazo desde la distancia. ATTE Ricky Porto

Rina Cabrera

Kathya desde mi corazón solo puedo decirte cuenta con mis oraciones en este difícil momento por el que están pasando, mis más sentido pésame 💐 para ti y toda la familia, Rafa descansará en paz y tu fuiste la mejor madre del mundo!!! Lo que necesites estoy para servirles!!!

Rosalind Nickens

I met Rafael at a nursing facility and have always loved and respected him. I shall always treasure him and remember the jokes we shared together and the strength we shared ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Jasmine Pickett

Rafael was very nice playful person it was great working with always made sure we had whawe needed he will be missed my prayers are with his family and friends.

Mutiny GoTC

An integral part of our Mutiny family within our online GoTC Gaming Community. “Ganni”, as he was known to us, was a respected and loved friend, teammate and strong adversary. Taken far too soon, his loss has hit the entire community hard and we send our deepest love and sympathy to all of his family and friends. Your humour, selflessness, passion, and energy, big heart, ability to forgive, as well your memes, your dogs and your fish will be missed by us all. Rest easy, old friend

Rosario castillo

Si tiendo mucho la pronta partida de tu hijo QEPD y goze de la gloria de Dios. Mucha fortaleza para ti y familia.Rosario castillo

Elvia De La Hoz, Francisco Sánchez y Familia

Lamentamos la partida de vuestro hijo y nos unimos en oración por su eterno descanso, el Señor les otorgue la fortaleza para afrontar este momento, Dios les bendiga

Lina maria castellanos

Desde la distancia te abrazo y deseo toda la fortaleza para ti y los tuyos

Liliana Ibáñez Florez

Desde la distancia oro por ti y tu familia para que Dios les de la fortaleza y resignación en este duro momento. Un abrazo en este momento.

Militza Roca

Desde la distancia te abrazo y ruego por el descanso eterno de tu hijito querida Kathia, no hay palabras. Pido por que ya esté disfrutando de la compañía de Dios en su Danto reino.


In the short time we had together, your friendship brought light and warmth into my life. Your kindness, laughter, and the memories we shared will forever be treasured. You may be gone, but you'll never be forgotten. Rest in peace, dear friend. Much love from your GOTC family

Marco Antonio Ortiz

Sospresiva y triste noticia. Dios lo acoga en su gloria. Mucha fortaleza para su familia. Mis condolencias.

Amaury Ospino y familia

Lamento mucho Rafa era un niño muy lindo cariñoso siempre tuvo una alegría naturaleza muy alegre así siempre lo recuerdo mi más sentido pésame para Katy y familia primo lo lamento 😪

Maria Isabel Ortiz y Familia

Katy, Un abrazo en la distancia y desde el corazón, lamentamos con profundo dolor la partida de Rafa. Que su alma descanse en paz. Para Cielo, Maye, Chely nuestro abrazo solidario extensivo a toda la familia

Acesio E. Ortiz De La Hoz, Señora e Hija

Katy, te acompañamos en éste duro momento, que el Señor te de resignación y fortaleza para asimilarlo. Rafael Ernesto, a la diestra del Señor, será tu guardián y guía esa es la misión encomendada a él. Saludos y Bendiciones a la familia Ortiz Cantillo.

Rafael Pérez

Descansa en paz. Eres un ángel

Marce De La Hoz

Mi bello Rafis, el q me entretenia cada vez que iba a los congresos en Chicago . Se aguantaba a su prima de compras y me esperaba sentado fuera del fitting room para darme su opinión en como me quedaba la ropa 🤣 segun el todo me quedaba bien 😍. Luego me llevaba a comer y de guía turístico por la ciudad. Siempre tranquilo, con un corazón de que no cabía en ese pecho. Siempre tan easy going. Sereno. Ahora duermes tranquilo y descansas esperando ese momento especial cuando te volveremos a ver. Mientras tanto mi hermosa prima Katy, mi hermana, sabes que siento vuestro dolor . Aunque lejos, mi corazón está allí con ustedes. Te quiero con todo mi corazón. Pronto lo volveremos a ver - Hechos 26:8 🙏🏽

Familia Ortiz Londoño

Familia reciban nuestras sinceras condolencias por la inesperada partida de Rafa, que su alma descanse en paz y brille para el la luz perpetua, un abrazo desde la distancia.

Rosa maría Bocanegra Tamara

Mi querida Kathy , soy rosa maría Bocanegra Tamara hija del Sr José Joaquín bocsnegra tsmara ( Joaco bknegra de la Hoz ) y Lilia Esther tamara de Bocanegra ( Doris Tamara),tu papá🙏 y tu mamá son mis padrinos,compartimos mucho cuando sus papas las llevaban a mi casa en carreto magdalena,me encuentro radicada en Santa Marta, pido a Dios les regale mucha fortaleza, para tan difícil prueba, un abrazo desde la distancia 🙏😞🌿🍃

Plinio y Kary

Familia querida sentimos un profundo dolor al saber está triste noticia y más aún no poder estar allá para acompañarlos, rogamos a Dios por el eterno descanso de Rafa y para que les de las fuerzas suficientes para poder sobrellevar tan dolorosa pérdida, Dios los bendiga.

Aurelio de la hoz y familia

Familia Ortiz Cantillo, reciban un abrazo, de amor por la vida, Rafael está acompañado de su abuelo, en la viña del creador.

Ivan Gutiérrez Noguera

Hola Kathia: lamento mucho el fallecimiento de Rafael. Nuestras mas sentidas condolencias. Mucha resignación en estos momentos tan difíciles. Saludos y un abrazo fraternal 🙏🙏

Nelly Delahoz Ortiz Julian y Pedro

Katy comparto tu dolor Rafa DEP triste

Priscilla Silva

Querida Kathia, siento profundamente la noticia del fallecimiento de Rafael. Sé que lo era todo para ti. Lo recordaremos con mucho afecto y su memoria seguirá viva en nuestros corazones. Este es un momento muy doloroso, pero piensa en toda la gente que te rodea y que estamos dispuestos a apoyarte. Te deseo paz, fuerza y el consuelo que tu alma necesita. Mi más sentido pésame.

Familia Ortiz Salamanca

Vuela Alto Rafy, incomprensiva y sorpresiva partida, gran ser Humano, don de gente y dedicado a la familia. Dios te reciba en su Santo Reino. Tía Cielo, Mis primas Kathy, Maye y Chely Un fuerte abrazo desde la distancia, en nuestras oraciones!!.

Keanna Barnes

A sweet and gentle soul. My deepest condolences 💐

Didier garcia

Un gran abrazo y muchas bendiciones para la familia

Familia Cervantes

Te envío mi más sentido pésame por la muerte de su hijo, Rafael Rodriguez. Era un alma tan bondadosa y se le echará de menos. Pido a Dios mucha fortaleza para ti y tú familia; me uno a esta oración

Flia Ortiz Urdaneta

En nuestras oraciones siempre Familia, Dios conceda fortaleza y resignación a toda la familia. Un fuerte abrazo en la distancia.


Dra. Ortiz soy Carmen Ana Bocanegra Tamara, de mi parte y en nombre de mi familia reciba nuestras sinceras condolencias, no hay palabras que puedan ayudarle a sentirse mejor a usted, la señora Cielo y sus hermanas por el fallecimiento de su hijo. Su papá y mi papá eran primos hermanos, soy de Carreto, Magdalena, Colombia, y me encuentro radicada en North Chelmsford, Massachussets. Reciban un afectuoso abrazo familiar de condolencias que les conforte. Que su alma descanse en paz eterna.

Sara Rodriguez

Kathia y familia .Sintiendolo mucho y acompañanandolos es este momento tan fuerte.Tengo recuerdos de Rafael muy gratos hace muchos años pero son gratos.Kathia Un abrazo y la tender en Mis oraciones😢

Alexander Roda

Rafa was a beautiful soul. I’ll always remember how engaging he always was. Our deepest condolences.

Ann Mayne

Dr. Ortiz, I was heartbroken to read in todays paper of Rafael’s untimely death. I always enjoyed talking to him about his beautiful aquariums in the waiting room. May memories of laughter and Love bring you comfort. My deepest sympathy to you and your family in this time of sorrow. Blessings, Ann Mayne

Roberto Caballero Perez

Deseando que Papá Dios les dé esa fortaleza para palear el dolor que produce la despedida de nuestros seres queridos. Un abrazo fuerte de mi familia a Katy,Cielo, German, sus tías y demás familiares.

Familia Vizcaino Jimenez (El Piñon)

Enviamos nuestras condolencias. El Señor les abrace fuerte y les brinde fortaleza en estos momentos de dolor.


Kathia, querida amiga, cuanto lo siento. Mis oraciones están contigo y con tu familia.Me acuerdo de el. Siempre alegre. Que el señor lo tenga en su regazo.

Camila Cantillo/hijos Juanita, Marìa Camila

Mi querida hermana Cielo,y sobrinas: Maye, Kathy, Chely, que duerte dolor se siente con la partida tan pronta de Rafael Ernesto, se que no hay palabras que cure este dolor, nuestro cariño inmenso siempre fuè para ti, ya que Rafa fuè una gran persona. El cielo lo recibirà y estarà de fiesta con su alegrìa. Aca nos deja tristeza con su partida, Dios lo reciba en Santo Reino, Descanse en Paz y brille para el la luz perpetua.

Peter and Hilary Zachary

We are just so sorry.

Lizandro Quant

Solo le pido a nuestro padre celestial les otorgue la fortaleza necesaria para sobré llevar este inmenso dolor q embarga a todos la familia.....

Julie Moser

Dr Ortiz, I am so sorry for your huge loss. You spoke of your son with such love and I cannot imagine your pain. Please know we are all praying for you to find some comfort.

Maricela Landires( Josune's mother )

Kathy mis mas sinceras condolencia por la partida de Rafael . Que Dios lo reciba en su Gloria .Mucha bendición y fortaleza para ti y la familia . Paz a su Alma .Un abrazo Maricela

Tabassum Hanif

Kathia. words fail to express my shock and disbelief that such a loving soul has been taken away from us this early. He was everything to you!! I still remember his sweet smile, gentleness that showed from his eyes and his love for his mom and family. He was gentleman in the truest sense. May Allah grant him place in paradise and strength for his family . Love Tabassum

Rafael Rodriguez-Ortiz


Rafael Rodriguez-Ortez, 35, passed away in Jacksonville on Friday, October 13, 2023. He was born on December 26, 1987 in Santa Marta, Colombia, he was his mother’s Christmas gift in 1987. He finished his high school at Sagrado Corazon de Jesus in Colombia. Rafa liked and played sports and enjoyed, very much, philosophical debates. He enjoyed playing the accordion in the traditional style of our home country, he kept music as part of his heart, once he participated in San Antonio at a world accordion contest for amateurs and he did it fearless, he received a standing ovation during his performance, always loving life and adventure.

He graduated from University of Texas, San Antonio with a degree in Business Administration and Management. He moved to Chicago, Illinois where he started his career as a Nursing Home Administrator and worked as such until 2019 when he moved to Florida. Here in Florida, he helped take care of his grandfather until his last days, and became the backbone of our family, the wise gentle soul we went to for consolation and wisdom.

During the pandemic he and his mother, Dr Kathia A Ortiz Cantillo opened Amelia Respiratory and Sleep Center, LLC where he became the brain, the captain of the business, a skilled young man, with a kind and compassionate heart for the patients and the community. Every day he will learn a new strategy, he will read a new article to keep himself up to date, his “don de gente” , his generosity had no limits, as an example he will stop whatever he was doing to drive to a patients’ home that were in need, he will give his shirt away if it was needed it. His love for life was unmeasurable.

He loved sports, beginning with soccer; he followed Messi and proudly had his number 10 shirt. He became fan of San Antonio Spurs, Chicago Bulls, Chicago Cubs and Dallas Cowboys Rafael the man with the gentle smile and his wonderful sense of humor. He loved animals, especially dogs and his new interest was fish, lots of them. He cared for his fish and his dogs, with the same love and caring he treated everyone. He enjoyed watching movies and series Game of Thrones became his favorite series, followed by the Lord of the Rings, and of course the once a year must watch, “Interview with the Vampire”.

Rafael, the man of the house, straight to the point, he knew how to make the difficult look so easy, and from time to time after a very extenuating day at work he will wake me up with a toast and cup of coffee followed with “get ready for work, patients deserve the best of you”.

His mind was very inquisitive. You could ask him any questions about science, cars, literature, music, history, or even dryer ones about Medicare and private insurances, he will have the answer to the tip of his tongue. His heart was as big as his height and his arms gave the best hugs in life. My son, my loving Rafael suddenly and tragically lost his life at age 35.

He is survived by his grandmother- his second mother, best friend and confidant Cielo, his aunties Maria and Cielo, his dearest cousins to whom he was the big brother, his father Luis Ernesto and me, his proud mother Dr Kathia Ortiz -Cantillo. My son, my hero, my best friend, my everything. I know you are in the eternal peace of the Lord with your grandpa and now we have our two angels looking after us.

Please join us St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Mission, 86000 St Francis Way, Yulee, Florida 32097
as we celebrate his beautiful life on Friday, the 20th of October at 11:00 AM.


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