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Rebecca Peselli

Rhoda was a beloved mother, grandmother and great grandmother, as well as a very creative and talented artist. My husband and I had the fortunate opportunity to have met her and were able to understand how very special a woman she was. May her memory be a blessing.

Joyce Hyatt

From the moment I met you it seem like I knew you my whole life. You were such a kind and wonderful person. Family meant everything to you. We were like both of us family I felt so close to you. I’ll miss you until we meet again.

Beverly Simms

I met Rhoda when we were 8 or nine years old. We have been friends since then. We are both historical friends, and friends of the heart. She will be sorely missed. We were 5 close friends from childhood., we loved her, and mourn her passing.

Aleta Koman Umanoff

Mom you were a loving ,warm and empathic person to all those who were blessed to know you and love you!! You were a quintessential nurturer and caretaker who was always there for those in need with your insights and compassionate wisdom. You were also a gifted and talented artist and interior decorator, who loved reading books, studying and following your spiritual path, always evolving and growing as a person. You were a sparkle on earth and may your light be the brightest star in the galaxy and shine on to eternity!! You loved well and we’re well loved!! Thank you for all the love and caring you gave to me and to all of us. You will be in our hearts and memories forever!!! You are my beloved momala!! May you Rest In Peace. I love you.🦋💜🦋

Tiffany Grinstead

Gramm was my best friend, my summer mother, my partner in crime and so much more. She never judged me. She always loved me. I will miss her forever more.

Mary Woolbright

As I cared for you since November of last year we bonded like no other. God saved you for me because he knew that I needed you and you needed me someone who would have so much compassion to take care of til the end. I made you a promise and I kept my promise I love and miss u every day Ms. Rho there will never be another Rhoda rest my queen til we meet again.

Joel Polinsky &Peggy Polinsky

Rho-Was always there for us. ever the teacher, mother and supporting friend. She will be missed but never forgotten for our love for her s profound. she was one of the bright lights in the darkness. She nurtured me with iceberg lettuce and compassion and empathy! she was a great sister, teacher and friend. All our love! -Peggy & Joelve

The Fasulo Family

Rhoda was a sweet friend, and we always admired her youthful spirit. She will be greatly missed.

Brenda Goldstein

Rhoda was like a second mother to me, she gave me great advice through the years. I will miss her dearly. Love you Rho you will always have a peace of my heart.

Steven Polinsky

My Sister was always 100% focused on family and friends. A.nurturing soul.born from some chaotic times throughout her life through ups and downs, she maintained a high spirit and an incredibly compassionate heart. We had a special bond and all of the wonderful memories will help to sustain my ever endless love for her. Come and visit me Sissy, my arms long to hold you.Fly butterfly fly.y.

Stuart Goldstein

I have so many wonderful memories from the moment you had me, raised me and loved me right up to the day you transcended. You taught me so much and I am who I am because of you. I love you and will miss you down here on earth although you will always be with me in my heart and in my soul. Thank you, and all my love!

Rhoda Delores Delaney


Rhoda Delores Delaney, age 85, transitioned to the spiritual world, peacefully at home in Yulee, FL on November 10, 2022. She was born December 7, 1936 in Brooklyn, NY to Albert Polinsky and Sylvia Levine.
She was blessed with stunning beauty and a very mature and warm soul, was a loving wife, partner, mother, grandmother, great grandmother and friend. After graduation, while caring for her family, she took art classes (including classes at Maryland Art Institute). Her many works of art adorn the houses of family and friends. She also worked as a spiritual leader, an interior decorator and could fix anything around the house with her potato peeler.
Rhoda was an active member of her community, touched the lives of many people for the better and was loved by everyone. She is survived and adored by her partner Salvador Salgado, her siblings Joel Polinsky & Peggy Polinsky, Steven Polinsky & Paula Greenfield, Caryl Rosner & Richard Launer, her children Aleta Koman Umanoff & Woody Umanoff, Stuart Goldstein & Brenda Goldstein, Ivy Markaity, Abby Murray & Larry Dema, Mary Delaney, George & Diane Delaney, Loretta Danz & Richard Danz, Carol Delaney & Tom Eyler and Elizabeth Huisjen & Andy Huisjen, Natalie Salgado, and her 24 grandchildren, including Tiffany, Casie, Nick, Jason, Jessica, Adam, Max, Margot, Robert, Marissa, Katie, Suzie, Paul, Dan, Peter, Clayton, Dylan, Danielle, Luke, Josh, Alyssa and her 9 great grandchildren, including Alysia, Arielle, Sam, Grace, Jack, Riley, Taylor, Paige and Adalina.
Donations can be made in her memory to the American Cancer Society or the American Lung Association.


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