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Diane M. Kew

Praying for peace and comfort for Ronnie's family, friends and colleagues

Bob Collins

He was a friend at Terry Parker High School. Also at JU where we graduated together. Then in the Coast Guard where we graduated from OCS at Yorktown, Virginia. Always a great guy and wonderful person.

Stephen Hurst

Ron was a great friend to me in high school. Caught up with him a few years ago. Met his wife and visited him in his home. He was still as funny as he was in school. I will miss him.

Terry Parker Class of 1961

Anita, on behalf of Terry Parker Class of 61, please accept our deepest condolences. Ronnie was classmate and will always be remembered. RIP Ronnie. EJ Ogier

Shawn Jamerson

My deepest condolences to you, Anita, and your family during this very difficult time. May the Holy Spirit give you comfort and peace. God's grace

Anita Hassell

My beloved husband, soulmate, and best friend. I couldn’t bring myself to talk about you in the front of people attending Mass because I knew that sorrow would take over my words and feelings. Our 17 years together were happiest years of my life, we shared life in every meaning of it: our thoughts, our opinions and best of all we shared our crazy sense of humor which made life so much fun. You taught me that when someone new enters our lives our heart grows bigger to accommodate new love. We had blended family of 6 children then their spouses and babies and it was one of the best gifts you gave me. My love for you will never change, I wish everyone can experience the kind of love and friendship we had. Thank you for wonderful life we shared and thank you for your parting gifts that are so generous: all of us united in love for you, my boys reunited; I know you knew what was important to all of us. My beloved you were beautiful person, in and out. I could write pages about how wonderful you were and how difficult this journey of grief has been, but you know all of this as you are watching over all of us. So, thank you for beautiful life, thank you for wonderful family that you created, I pray that we will be lifted in prayers to face your absence. Love you forever. Your wife Anita

Carlos Basave

No muere la persona. La materia es la que cambia. El espíritu, prevalece. Elevo una oración de alabanza y gratiitud por él. Gtacias Ron por tus hijos y nietos. Gracias por tu amor a mi hermana. Gracias por continuar la vida con Anita. Descansa en Paz. Aleluya

Bob and Denise Oravits

We enjoyed talking to Ron almost daily when we passed each other while walking our dogs. He always had a funny story to tell, .He will be missed. Our sympathies to Anita and the rest of his family and friends.

Gerry Christmas

When family and friends think of Ron, they think of many things: his love of country, his love of learning, his love of family, his love of fine poetry and prose, his love of accurate history, and his love of philosophy. But one thing is always left off the list, thus I feel compelled to add it now: his love for the Tarzan series by Edgar Rice Burroughs. Yes, you heard that right. The Tarzan books. He loved them so much that he even had the complete first edition set in very good to mint condition. A few years ago Ron donated the set to the Edgar Rice Burroughs Foundation or some such name. Why do I tell you this? Well, for the simple reason that in many ways Ronald Alvin Hassell was Tarzan––not of the apes but of culture and class which in the series Tarzan struggles and works hard to become. Only one difference between Ron and Tarzan, though. Whereas Tarzan had one Jane, Ron had two.

John Chick and family

Our family is so sorry for your loss Anita and your family and especially Ronald are in our prayers. God Bless


Thank you all for honoring Ronald Hassell today. He is here with us and he is happy that you made it. A few days after his passing, I found myself in Dad’s study, surrounded by memories, little pieces of him everywhere. He was quite sentimental. Though it was quiet, I could hear his favorite radio station, Jones College Radio, playing in my head. If you looked and listened hard enough, you’d find that his entire story was there in that small room. The first thing that stands out is the wedding photo of him and Anita. Such big smiles, he had found love, a soul mate and rediscovered happiness! On the next wall is the bookcase filled with his life-long love of reading and knowledge. Among his collection of hundreds of leather-bound books are his Eagle Scout certificate of completion along with the badge itself. He was twelve. One of the youngest to achieve the distinction. He was most proud. On another wall are his various commendation medals and achievement letters collected over a 26 year career in the US Cost Guard that he retired from with the rank of Captain. Next to these are various reminders of his days at the Archdiocese of Miami, cigars with the Pope in Havanna. I found a copy of his first novel, along with research notes for his second, now left unfinished. I also found the Texas Instruments financial calculator that he used while VP of a regional bank and while an adjunct professor of Finance of the University of Miami. Placed upon the piano that belonged to our grandparents are photos of those he has loved, and those that loved him. These were most treasured. I then came across this. This is Dad’s tactical compass, acquired during his days at officer candidate school. It predates any of us children by at least 10 years. It helped a few of us get through some merit badges. We all have memories of this little thing. I didn’t bring it to show and tell, or to brag about one of his little trinkets, but more because I feel that this little gadget works as the perfect metaphor for what he meant to us. We all know how these work. If you ever find yourself off the path, maybe lost without any sense of direction or just requiring a little course adjustment, you can always find your bearing as long as you’ve got one of these in your pocket. If I may speak for all of those that held him dearest, he was our compass. He was always there to help us maintain the proper bearing. He was a loving husband, father and grandpa. He was always there to offer a helping hand during tough times, provide life advice, offer guidance. He gave us all true, unconditional love. He was there to help us make sense of our mother’s passing. He was our rock and we are all so very very lucky. We are all incredibly proud of him. He was a good man, honorable, full of integrity. Although we can’t reach out anymore like we used to, we know that our bearing will always be true with him watching from above. Whether he was your colleague, friend, commanding officer, loving husband, grandpa or Dad, thank you for being part of his life story and for being here today to help us wish him well on the rest of his journey.

Jerry Wilamowski

So sorry for your loss, Anita.

Randy Gurian

I was proud to call Ron my friend since 1971 since we first met at the University of the Americas. He was a great family man and loyal to his friends. I would have visited him in the last year had it not been for the pandemic. I will remember him with a smile as we had some funny stories to talk about.

Susan Losey

I met Ron in 1972 while we both worked at Southeast Bank in Miami. We became great friends and I learned about Kahlil Gibran, The Little Prince and so much more. We reconnected in 1999 and had some great talks and adventures together. I am so sad to hear of his passing. He had such a fierce love of his children and he accomplished great things. I will always cherish my fond memories of time spent with him and his children. RIP!

Francisco and Ángela Brizuela

Dear Ron, May you Rest In Peace. You are an Angel in Heaven. God bless you always! We love you dear brother! Francisco and Ángela

Ronald Alvin Hassell


What else is there to say about someone who was wonderful, caring, funny, loyal to family and friends, and had the biggest heart? How do you express all the love and how do you share the fun and memorable moments you had with him? For those who could both understand and appreciate his wit and sarcasm, Ronald Alvin Hassell was that person. Born on April 20th, 1943, Ron left this world unexpectedly on June 24th 2021. He was predeceased by his first wife Lourdes B. Hassell and his brother James Hassell. He is survived by his wife Anita Hassell, his children Ingrid (Miguel Alfaro), George (Amber), Charles (Lucia), Patrick (Maggie) and his beloved grandchildren: Isabella, Liam, Gavin, Max, and Colin.
Ron was born in Washington, DC, but spent most of his early life between Jacksonville and Miami, Florida. He retired to Fernandina Beach, Florida, where he lived for the past 15 years. He held a Masters Degree in International Business from The University of the Americas in Puebla, Mexico, as well as his undergraduate degree from Jacksonville University. Ron had many significant achievements in his life as well. At the age of 11, he was the youngest Boy Scout to ever earn the rank of Eagle Scout, an accomplishment he was most proud of. He went on to serve in the US Coast Guard starting in 1966, where he served several years of active duty and ultimately retired from the reserves in 1992 with the rank of Captain. Ronald’s professional career included working in the banking industry and as the Chief Administrative Officer for Catholic Charities in the Diocese of Miami, Inc.
Ron was infinitely curious and spent his life immersed in reading and learning, particularly regarding the history of the state of Florida. This curiosity ultimately led to the writing of a book in 2019, as well as a second book he was in the midst of completing. His smile, humor and laughter were uniquely captivating and he will be forever missed by all that knew and loved him.
Ronald’s final resting place will be at Arlington National Cemetery.
A Funeral Mass will be held at 11:00 am on Friday, July 9, 2021 at St. Michael Catholic Church in Fernandina Beach, Florida.


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