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Lisa Stephens

Hello Lu and family - I was at work today thinking of Scott. What light he brought to all of us! I clicked on the YouTube Channel link and watched his visor printing project to keep our health care workers safe, and was reminded of how well he could explain something, without ever making you feel "less than" for now knowing... he did that over and over for me when I first got to UB. I enjoyed every minute I spent with him. I hope you're all healing up from this huge loss. XO

Khenpo Karma Tenkyong

One of best person meditation practitioner who has genuine Karuna and all the present with beautiful smile with inner beauty I feel that he is one of the source of beauty Peace in this mother’s earth. He offered lot’s of beautiful Karuna foot prints in this nature. I missed him and his Karuna actions. Buddha with Mother Earth’s blessings with him. Om Mani Padmae Hum 108

Tommy Stone

Scott you have now made the transition to heaven so enjoy the scenery you worked hard for it !

Claire Wieman

Every time I think about my uncle Scotty, which is a lot, lately- there are many specific family memories, and all the fun, absurd silliness, and laughter he wove into all of those good years; but above all that, where my thoughts always land, is in the body memory, of simply how he made me feel. My uncle Scotty’s love was so simple, but yet not basic. It was the purest kind of love, especially for children to receive. Absent of judgment or pretense, he conveyed that his joy was derived in just being there together. He had an unrelenting grin, and most twinkly eyes you have ever seen. To be in his presence you were enveloped into the mist of levity and humor that surrounded him. Sitting on summer porches, just shooting the breeze with my uncle Scotty, I felt like there was nothing else I needed to go do, because I was so calm and content in that moment. He was always kind and generous with his time and his remarks. I was a child who often did not feel at ease, and yet my uncle Scotty ALWAYS made me feel welcome and happy and comfortable to be in his presence. Years later my teary eyes gazed into his teary eyes, on the alter of our wedding ceremony, when he read the Apache blessing to my husband Todd and me. My heart bursts with gratitude that I have that memory inside of me forever. He was the kind of person where even in his times of conflict or distress, his words upheld his loved ones with unconditional high regard. Sometimes I have moments of regret that I didn’t say more or spend more time with him in recent years, but then I feel better when I remember that his was a “no regrets” kind of love. I know that he knows what I felt about him, and I know what he felt about me. And I also know that the spirit of true love rises above the minutiae and details of the day to day. There are people who even after they cross over, their spirit will shine just as brightly in this earthly world as it always did, and Scott Woodward is one of them. See you on the other side, Dear Uncle.

John Lytle

Although we did not know Scott for all but a few months, I never saw him without a smile and laughter, even with all of the pain he had. He had always brought great joy to every soul that he had touched. He was an extremely smart, loving and happy man. He never left the room without making everyone there smile. He always wanted to fix anything that he possibly could. He was such a wonderfully amazing man. Even though I have not known him for very long, I can honestly say that he was a friend of mine. He will absolutely be missed in our hearts and community.

Myra Hegmann

What fun we used to have together. I hope he bumps into Dick somewhere in the beyond.

Hui Meng

Scott, you were selflessly giving all your life. You’ve helped me so much as well as many colleagues and students at UB with your loving kindness, wisdom, incredible talents, and dedication. Your life was hugely inspiring to people around you. You’ve made a lasting impact to all the communities you have been in. You are such a beautiful soul, and I am so lucky to have known you and Lu. Rejoice in your merits and good fortune of making this life the most meaningful! ❤️ I pray that you be reborn in Buddha Amitabha’s Pureland and be enlightened soon for the benefit of countless beings 🙏🙏🙏

Lama Karma Drodhul

Scott and Lu are like my family and he is the most inspirational person I ever met ! He knows how to bring the best in life and loves his family dearly ❤️ I was honored to send prayer through phone call and we It’s him dearly ❤️ Lama Karma ( one of the teacher at KTD monastery ) P.S sincere condolences to Lu wood who and you are always in Our heart and prayers 🙏

Stephan Gamard & Family

We are so very sorry to hear about Scott's passing. He and Lu had been like a second family when first coming to the US. He was the one who was making all the "magic" in the TRL happen, always a helping hand when we students could not figure out our left foot from the right! He definitively will be missed. My sincere condolences to the family.

John and Suzanne Batchelor

Scott was a remarkable human with a kind soul who touched the hearts of many. John in particular had many conversations with him and remembers his "presence as always present," loving and gracious. We extend our sincerest condolences to his entire family.

Martin Wosnik & Lynn Rogers

The news of Scott's passing left us with heavy hearts and a profound sense of loss. We were hoping you had this thing beat. We've been remembering the good times we shared: UB, Akron, Six Mile Lake, Sweden, Seattle, many more... In Essex, NY, Elvis came to our wedding... :-) Scott, we miss you dearly. Our heartfelt condolences to Lu, Tara, Geoff and families.

Lodro Lhamo

We at the KTD Monastery had the great pleasure of having Scott on staff in the year preceding his passing. He was dedicated to helping the monastery and offered many services, which we appreciate deeply. Everyone loved him and enjoyed his company. What a warm, wise and loving soul! We miss you dearly. Our prayers are with you. May you take rebirth in the Pureland of Amitabha Buddha!

Donna Paz Kaufman

We loved Scott for his smile, energy, and love that radiated from him. To a beautiful soul who helped us launch the Meditation & Mindfulness series at Story & Song, wrote shelf-talkers about books that changed his life, and taught us so much about resilience, risk, acceptance, and grace. Godspeed, dear friend, and thank you. You will be missed and forever remembered.

Paul and Pam Guyette

Our thoughts and prayers are with Lu and Scott’s children and grandchildren, as well for as their extended family in Amelia Park. We are blessed to have known Scott and his wisdom of life. We will miss him and his humor and everlasting smiles. God Bless and continue enjoying the Journey ahead! 🙏❤️

Judy McKinney

What a wonderful person! He will be sorely missed. A while back he and Lu stayed at Gabriel House of Care during one of his first visit at Mayo Clinic. Lu would teach beading classes to the residents here which the guests loved. It was great mental therapy and Lu always made it lots of fun. Thoughts are with her now during this transition in her life.

Gary Olson

Scott was such a wonderful person and always a joy to be around. We had many years together at UB and a lot of fun along the way. I will always admire the will to beat this nasty disease you faced. KC and I send condolences to Lu and family. Scott will be greatly missed.❤️❤️🙏🙏

Mary & Joe Stepanik

Scott will be dearly missed. He had such a presence when he entered a room or gave you a hug. His gratitude for every single day was sincere & soul touching. He was brillant and so loved to “fix anything” for you! His Love of Life, Compassion, Joy in any moment were contagious! He will always be a source on Inspiration for us! Our thoughts and love are being sent to his beloved Lu, dearest family & sweet pup Fern… may we all continue to feel his blessings & COSMIC LOVE in all our lives. Love you forever Scott…to Infinity & Beyond, our real life super hero!❤️

Linda Beck Batts

Scott was an amazing man who had an uplifting personality. I first met him and Lu at the Unity Church in Fernandina. They were so open and loving to everyone around them, making me immediately feel like part of the family. He will always be in my heart.

Pamela Roebuck

Our deepest condolences to the family. Scott was a truly great soul. All joy! All optimistic! He will be missed by many but remembered and carried in our hearts. May his journey home be filled with love and light. ht

Kirk Nikas

I have so many great memories with my Uncle Scotty all the way back to nearly the beginning of my life. He always made me smile and laugh and taught me so many interesting things. He was truly a great man, I love you Scotty.

Scott Hall Woodward


Scott H. Woodward of Akron, New York, formerly of Amelia Park in Fernandina Beach, Florida, has had an amazing and adventurous journey. He transitioned in the early morning of March 22, 2023 at Community Hospice and Palliative Care in Fernandina Beach.

Scott is the beloved husband to Lu, father to Tara (Jesse) Mussari and Geoffrey (Mandy) Woodward, grandfather to Olivia Grace & Becker Martin Woodward & their pup Fern. He will be missed by his extended family and a legion of friends.

A retired mechanical engineer, he enjoyed conversations, meditation, games, trivia and life in general. He will be dearly missed.

Namaste to all who loved him.


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