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The St. Lawrence family

Mark & I remember William playing out side while Mary and Mitch planted flowers under the magnolia tree.

Leith Hill

Sweet, sweet William. Always playful, sometimes bashful, and always saying ma'am. William and Gage conspiring at school to each ask if the other could come over so the odds were better as it only took one of us to say yes. Although they loved the beach, the movies, and road trips, they were just as likely to want to stay home and play in the backyard in the fort, or hours on the rope swing. One of my favorite pictures is William, Brandon, Gage and Drew all in the hammock. Then there were the rainy days when they were allowed mostly unlimited video games. Such good times and memories.

Rick. Joyce, John and Jake Jenkin

So many memories of a wonderful life with William. From everyday play dates, trips to Disney, and school events my favorite is day one for our familys. Ms. Donnett's preK3 class ... we came early for our teacher meeting and William sat with Mitch while Mary discussed school business with the teacher. John walked into the classroom went up to William and said "Hi, my name is John do you want to play?" and that was when John met his best friend. Life moved forward but John never found another best friend. And Mary since that day you too have always had a special place in my life as well. My love always.

William Mitchell McDougal


William Mitchell McDougal, 29, of Jacksonville passed away December 11, 2021. He will be laid to rest in a graveside service at 11:00 AM on Wednesday, December 29, 2021 at Bosque Bello Cemetery.


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